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Dark Roast Pre-Ground Coffee Sampler from Aabree Coffee Company

Dark Roast Pre-Ground Coffee Sampler

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Sampler $47.92

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Comes with:

  • Aloha Island Bonzai Pipeline Ground ($13.95 value)
  • Caffe D’arte Gourmet Drip Dark Roast Ground Coffee ($13.99 value)
  • Illy Coffee Fine Grind - Dark Roast ($14.24 value)
  • Lavazza Gran Filtro Regular Ground Coffee ($4.65 value)
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Nothing beats a great cup of coffee; with that sentiment in mind, we’ve created the Dark Roast Pre-Ground Coffee Sampler to indulge the coffee enthusiasts. This sampler includes assorted ground coffee from Aloha Island, Lavazza, Caffe D'arte and Illy. You’ll get a can of Illy’s Drip Coffee Dark Roast, an 8oz bag of Aloha Island Bonzai Pipeline, a 1lb. bag of Caffe D'arte Gourmet Drip Dark Roast as well as a brick of Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Preground. If you enjoy dark-roast coffee and like the convenience of quality pre-ground coffee, don’t miss this special sampler.

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