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Baratza Vario-W Coffee Grinder

Baratza Vario-W Coffee Grinder


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Designed for the espresso enthusiast, the Baratza Vario-W is designed to produce the perfect dose of coffee grounds. Starting by controlling the grinding speed of the 54mm Mahlkönig Ceramic Flat Burrs at 1200-rpm to eliminate overheating which would destroy flavor. Then the electronic scale and controls precisely measure within 0.1-grams the exact amount of ground coffee you preset.

The fully integrated weight-based Vario-W grinder is the 2011 Winner of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Best Coffee or Tea Preparation & Serving Equipment (Commercial) Award.

Programmable digital control with LCD display - The Vario-W features three programmable dosage buttons. The weight values are clearly displayed on the digital LCD and each button can be preset to automatically grind a custom weight.

Precise grind adjustment - There are 230 settings available to set the dual-cam ceramic burrs to deliver coarse, medium, fine and extra fine grinds suitable for everything from French presses to espresso and even Turkish coffee.

Hands-free operation - With the Vario-W there is no more struggling to hold your heavy portafilter while setting the grinder controls. The Vario-W has a portafilter holder with a universally adjustable bracket.

Weight-based operation - The Vario-W uses weight measurements instead of grind time to supply the appropriate coffee volume. There is no timer for the grinding operation; instead there is a very accurate electronic scale that shuts off the grinding operation when the pre-set weight is achieved.

Whole bean hopper & ground coffee container -

The 8-oz. whole bean hopper & lid are tinted to keep out harmful UV rays and preserve freshness.

The generous 8-oz. anti-static food-grade ABS plastic ground coffee container also helps to maintain freshness of the finished grind.


Environment  Home/ Commercial
Grind Selection  All grinds
Grinding Method  Burr
Burr Type  Flat
Doser  Yes
Dosing Options  Weight
Doser Compatibility
Portafilter Compatible  Yes
Portafilter Compatibility  Yes
Adjustments for grind  Yes
On/Off or Time Switch  Timer
Grind Setting Controls  Stepless
High Volume Bean Hopper  No
Bean Hopper Capacity  8 oz
Ground Coffee Container  Yes

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