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Bodum Columbia

Bodum Columbia Thermal Coffee Press

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12 Cup
12 Cup


8 Cup
8 Cup




The Bodum Columbia Thermal French Press features a double wall insulated stainless steel body that keeps your coffee hot for hours. While your coffee remains hot, the unique "flavor shield" keeps the coffee from becoming too strong or bitter. Now your rich, delicious coffee will stay as hot and fresh as when it was first prepared. The plunger stem and filter screen are also made of stainless steel. If you ever need replacement parts, we can help. Just call. Coffee experts agree that making coffee with a French Press is one of the best ways to bring out the true flavor and aroma from your coffee. Note: French Press Coffee Makers Measure "Cups" in 4 Ounce Increments.


  • 3 cup version: 12 oz. to brim. Expect 9 oz. useable volume.
  • 8 cup version: 32 oz. to brim. Expect 30 oz. useable volume.
  • 12 cup version: 48 oz. to brim. Expect 46 oz. useable volume.

Size and Weight:

  • 3 cup version: 6.25"H - 1.2 pounds
  • 8 cup version: 8.25"H - 2 pounds
  • 12 cup version: 9.25"H - 2.8 pounds

Body Material - Polished double wall stainless steel

Warranty - One Year

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