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Bonjour Maximus French Press

Bonjour Maximus 8-Cup French Press


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The Bonjour Maximus French Press puts a modern twist on classic coffee brewing. It may look like other coffee presses, but the Maximus is special because it features a special Flavor Lock Filter Screen. Once the recommended brewing time of four minutes has passed, simply turn the knob on top of the lid. This causes the filter screen to close, thus separating the brewed coffee from the coffee grounds.

The Maximus features a stainless steel, high-dome lid, easy-grip plastic handle and knob, and acrylic scoop. Like all Bonjour French Press Coffee Makers, the Monet features borosilicate glass carafes which provide the ultimate in heat resistance. The rod, filter and screen assembly are made of high quality, long lasting stainless steel. Serving size per carafe - 2 to 4 people. Note: French Press Coffee Makers Measure "Cups" in 4 Ounce Increments.

Size - 9.5”H x 3.75”W

Capacity - 32 oz. filled to brim. Expect 30 oz. volume

Body Material - Stainless steel frame and lid, glass carafe

Warranty - One Year

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