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Bonjour Hugo Coffee Press

BonJour Unbreakable Hugo Coffee Press


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8 Cup
8 Cup
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Bonjour has introduced their newest French Press Coffee Maker called the Hugo. The Hugo is the only French Press that features a micro-screen filter in the lid that reduces the amount of fine coffee grounds in your cup! Other features include a rigid plastic, high-dome lid, handle, easy-grip knob, and comfort-grip handle. The Hugo features an unbreakable carafe, which provides protection against broken glass if it should be dropped. The rod, filter, and screen assembly are made of high quality, long lasting stainless steel. A plastic coffee scoop and rubber removable base is included. Note: French Press Coffee Makers Measure "Cups" in 4 Ounce Increments.


  • 3 cup version: 12 oz. to brim. Expect 10 oz. useable volume.
  • 8 cup version: 32 oz. to brim. Expect 30 oz. useable volume.


  • 3 cup version: 7.25"H x 2.75"W
  • 8 cup version: 10"H x 3.75"W

Body Material - Plastic frame and lid, plastic carafe

Warranty - One Year

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