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Bunn HT Phase Brew - Thermal Carafe

Bunn HT Phase Brew - Thermal Carafe

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Bunn has incorporated its latest technology called Phase Brew into a new line of home drip coffee brewers. Borrowing from espresso brewing procedures it has programmed the Bunn Phase Brew HT model to only release water to the grounds when it is at the proper temperature of about 200º and then quickly spray release it all at once to create the needed agitating action to evenly extract the ideal flavor from the coffee. The brewing cycle is a total of about 10 minutes, 6 for heat up of the water and a 4 minute brewing phase.

This heat and release technology results in a perfect brew that is never bitter with rich flavor and astonishing aroma. Bunn received a 2011 GOOD DESIGN Award in the Household Products Category for the unique design and flawless operation of the Bunn Phase Brew HT.

Bunn also excels at manufacturing the stainless steel housed thermal carafe that keeps 8-cups (40 oz.) of freshly brewed coffee piping hot for hours. The machine overall has a sleek compact design and the stainless steel and plastic housing is very easy to keep clean. With the thermal carafe there is no need for a hot plate to keep the pot warm, so once the brew cycle is completed the water heater shuts off automatically.

Controls on the Bunn Phase Brew HT include a Time-to-Clean indicator that is based on brewer performance versus cycles run and it reminds you when it’s time to clean the water system. A digital touch-pad with LCD readout allows you to program the auto-start feature so you can wake up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee.

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