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Bunn NHBX Coffee Maker

Bunn NHBX Coffee Maker

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The Bunn NHBX Coffee Brewer is a great, simple machine that’s perfect for stress-free use in your kitchen. With a brewing time of only 3 minutes for 10 cups of hot, fresh coffee, the NHBX can meet the demands of households of any size. It’s also perfect for people on the go because of the machine’s pourover design that always has hot water ready for brewing. Operation is also easy: just pour water into the resevoir, place the glass decanter on the porcelain coated warming plate, and close the lid to begin the brewing process. No mess, no fuss.

Pourover Design - Pourover coffee makers are hailed for their efficient brewing design. After the initial set up of the NHBX brewer, you can leave it on all the time, meaning there is always hot water waiting in the boiler. When you pour a carafe of fresh water into the reservoir, it forces the already-heated water out of the boiler and up to the filter where it is infused with your coffee grounds. The result? Up to 10 cups of delicious, hot coffee poured into your waiting glass carafe in just 3 minutes.

Patented Sprayhead Design - Bunn coffee makers are known for getting a café-quality extraction from your coffee grounds. This is achieved by evenly dispersing water across the surface area of your grounds in the filter, so unlike many coffee makers, small pockets of coffee are not over-extracted.

Stainless Steel Boiler - The heavy-duty stainless steel boiler in the NHBX keeps water at optimum brewing temperature of 200o all day, every day, as long as it’s plugged in. An internal thermometer monitors this temperature, so you’ll never have to worry about cold coffee.

Vacation Switch - The NHBX will be ready for action 24/7 unless you flip the Vacation Switch located near the back of the coffee maker. This is recommended whenever you’re going to be away from the machine for 3 days or more, and will turn of all of its electrical components. When you return, you just need to flip the switch back and follow the simple instructions to re-start the machine for day-to-day use.

Large Glass Carafe - This Bunn coffee maker has a large glass carafe with a 50 oz, or 10-cup capacity, perfect for households with multiple coffee drinkers or for brewing coffee for intimate gatherings and dinner parties. You can monitor your coffee levels using the volume markings on the side of the carafe and avoid spills when pouring because of its specially designed spout.

Warming Plate - You can turn the warming plate on and off using a switch on the top front of the NHBX, just below the Bunn logo. The porcelain-coated heating plate on the NHBX is scratch resistant and provides even heating of the bottom of the glass carafe. It is also easy to clean using a soft cloth and non-abrasive detergent.

Deliming Spring - It is recommended that you use filtered water with your Bunn coffee maker, but it’s almost impossible to avoid hard water build up. The deliming spring can be easily inserted into the sprayhead tube to remove any of this build up, providing a more efficient brewing process and better coffee taste.

Filter Compatibility - The NHBX is compatible with Bunn’s oxygen-treated paper filters that are specially designed for use with Bunn machines. Use of any other filter can result in overflow or less-than-optimal extraction.

Accessories - The Bunn NHBX Coffee Brewer comes with a pack of Bunn paper filters, an easy-to-follow user’s manual, and a deliming spring.

Colors - Black with stainless steel accents
White with stainless steel accents

Dimensions - 13.7”H x 9.1”W x 11.6”D

Power - 120 volts at 7.5 amps

Machine Weight - 11 lbs

Warranty - 3 year limited

Origin - USA


Essential Info
Brewing System  Water
Brew Under 5min  Yes
Brew Time  2 min, 10 sec
Cups per Brew  10
Usage  Home
Built in Milk Frother  No
Built in Grinder  No
Controls & Features
Adjustable Coffee Strength  No
Type of Control Switches  Rocker
Power Light  No
Brewing Light  No
Digital Display  No
Clock / Timer  No
Programmable Power On  No
Programmable Power Off  No
Auto Shut Off  No
Brewing Complete Indicator  No
Partial Pot Usage  Yes
Warming Plate  Yes
Drip Stop & Serve  No
Electronic Decalcification Necessary Indicator  No
Type  Glass
Exterior Material  Glass/Plastic
Interior Material  Glass
Volume  10 cups
Anti-Spill Pouring  Yes
Sealed Lid  No
Dishwasher Safe  Yes
# of Carafe's  1
Removable  No
Height to Remove  N/A
Material  Stainless Steel
Reservoir Access  Flip Top
Water Gauge  No
Coffee Filter
Gold Tone Filter Included  No
Paper Filter Included  Yes
Optional Filter  N/A
Coffee Filter Access  Front
Removable Coffee Filter Bin  Yes
Filter Type  #4 fluted
Water Filtration
Water Filter Included  No
Water Filter Type  N/A
Removes Chlorine  N/A
Removes Sediments  N/A
Water Softener  N/A
Water Filter Life  N/A
Water Filter Part Number  N/A
Housing Materials  Stainless Steel/Plastic
Body Materials  Stainless Steel/Plastic
Power Cord Storage  No
Power Cord Length  27.9
Maintenance  Wipe with damp cloth and a mild soap
Hot Plate
Material  Steel
Temperature Setting  No
Temperature  333o
Watts @ 120v  46
Dimensions (H x W x D)  13.75 x 9.12 x 11.63
Fits Standard Cabinet Height  Yes
Weight  7.1
Warranty  3 years
Total Watts @ 120  900
Volts  120
Repair Info
Repaired by  Bunn
Contact Number  1-800-352-2866
Tech Support E-Mail  N/A
Accessory Ordering Info.
Paper Filter  #4 Fluted
Gold Tone Filter  N/A
Carafe  N/A
Water Filter  N/A

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