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Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Kettle

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Programmable Kettle


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Stainless Steel
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The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Programmable Kettle is an efficient and convenient hot water solution for coffee and tea lovers alike. This utilitarian kettle has six preprogrammed settings ranging from 160°F to 212°F (boiling); each button is clearly marked with its recommended use. With the CPK-17, you’ll be guaranteed the proper brewing temperature for delicate, green, white, oolong and black tea as well as French press coffee. There’s also a keep-warm option to let you maintain water temperature for up to half an hour. The Cuisinart CPK-17 has a generous 1.7-liter capacity and is backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

360° Swivel Base and Cordless Design - The base, which connects the kettle to the heating element, can be rotated 360 degrees. Since the heating element is located in the base and never actually comes into contact with the water, your chances of developing scale buildup is significantly reduced. The cordless design and non-slip handle lets you easily serve and refill the kettle.

Brewing and Heating - This kettle has a powerful 1500-watt heating element that delivers remarkably quick warm-ups. The six preset temperature buttons are clearly marked with their suggested uses—ranging from boiling water for black tea to a significantly cooler 160°F setting meant for delicate teas. If you need to maintain water temperature, simply activate the keep-warm button. The contents of the water kettle can be kept at a constant temperature for up to 30 minutes.

Water Features - The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp kettle comes with a removable scale filter to ensure great tasting beverages. This model has a generous 1.7-liter capacity and features a backlit window with easy-to-read water-level indicators. Automatic shutoff and dry-boil protection prevents damage to the kettle, should your water run dry.

Housing & Construction - The Cuisinart CPK-17 features durable stainless steel construction. This utilitarian kettle measures 9.75”H x 6.8”W x 6.10”D.

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