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Cuisinart EM-200 Espresso Machine

Cuisinart EM-200 Espresso Machine


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Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
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Usually, by the time you drive home from your neighborhood coffee shop with a delicious latte or cappuccino in hand, the foam is gone, the drink has cooled, and some has inevitably spilled out of the cup. Now what are you supposed to sip while you read the paper? The Cuisinart EM-200 Programmable Espresso Maker lets you brew your own espresso and espresso-based drinks right at home. It has everything you need to make thick foam, steamed milk, and espresso shots. With a little practice, soon you’ll be creating your favorite drinks from the comfort of your kitchen.

A few options are available with the EM-200. You can use ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) pods, which are pre-packaged servings of espresso measured and tamped in single or double sizes. Or if you prefer more control, you can grind, measure, and tamp your own coffee. Cuisinart is known for its simplicity and quality in all their products, making this machine a great choice.

Programmable Brewing Control - The EM-200 is pre-programmed with drink volume set at 1.5 oz for a single shot of espresso and 3 oz for a double, but you have the option to select your own serving size using the control panel. The 6 control buttons are located at the front of the machine, and you can use these buttons to turn the machine on and off, manually start and stop espresso flow, program a single or a double shot, program serving size, and heat up the steam wand.

Easy Serve Espresso - The Cuisinart EM-200 is compatible with ESE pods, for fast on the go brewing. Pre-measured and tamped in single and double shot sizes, they are a great option when you are running low on time, or don’t feel like worrying about spilled coffee grounds. For those who thrive on variety, ESE pods come in different brands and flavors.

Heavy-Duty Pump System - Espresso is brewed by pushing water through tightly packed coffee grounds at very high pressure. If the pump creating that pressure is too weak, you’re left with sub-par espresso. The EM-200 has a 15-bar pump – more than enough to deliver rich espresso topped with a layer of golden crema.

Powerful Steaming/Frothing Capabilities - Now that you’ve got the perfect espresso, you’ll want perfectly steamed and foamed milk to go with it. To start out, press the steam button on the control panel. The machine will need a moment to heat up to steam temperature. Once it’s ready, immerse the stainless steel frother into cold milk and turn the steaming knob located on the right side of the machine to begin frothing and steaming. The included product manual comes with detailed step-by-step instructions, as well as drink recipes to get you started.

Instant Hot Water Dispenser - The same steam wand you use to froth milk can also be used to dispense hot water for soups, teas, hot chocolate and more. Once the machine is at brewing temperature, turn the knob to the hot water icon and hot water will flow out of the steam wand instantly.

Large Reservoir - The removable reservoir holds 64 oz of water, providing you with enough for almost 34 espresso shots. To refill, you can either lift up the lid and pour water in while it’s in place on the machine, or remove the reservoir and fill at the tap.

Low Maintenance - Using the EM-200 is simple, with programmable brewing controls and sturdy portafilter for your coffee. Cleaning the machine is also simple, but important. Don’t forget to clean off the steaming wand after you use it – wipe it off with a damp cloth, then turn the knob to let a little hot water through to clear out any milk particles. The EM-200’s stainless steel housing is easy to wipe down with a damp cloth. You should also descale/decalcify periodically to protect your machine from limescale and calcium buildup. Descaling is fast and easy, and the included user’s manual will walk you through the entire process.

Stainless Steel Housing - The EM-200 features stainless steel housing for durability, easy cleaning, and a stylish look. The Cuisinart logo is embossed on the front, above the control panel buttons. The manual, single shot, and double shot buttons are all illuminated with a blue backlight to add to the elegant look of the machine.

Accessories - The EM-200 includes a tamping tool with measuring spoon, a detailed user's manual and a stainless frothing cup.

Size - 12.8” x 11.5” x 15.2”

Weight - 25 lbs

Color - Stainless Steel

Power - 1050 watts

Warranty - Limited 3 year warranty


Housing Material  Stainless Steel
Drip Tray  Plastic
Drip Tray Cover  Stainless Steel
Brew Group Data
Material  Stainless Steel
Switches  Push Button
Programmable  No
Auto-Extraction  Yes
Pre-Infusion  No
Ready Lights  Yes
Thermostats  2
Back Pressure Relief Valve  No
Burn Out Protection  No
Cup Warmer
Size  10 x 6
Passive/Active  Passive
Portafilter Data
Type  Pressurized
Material  Stainless Steel
Handle  Plastic
Weight  12 oz
Diameter  54 mm
Filter Basket Material  Stainless Steel
Filter Baskets Included  Single, ESE pod & double shot

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