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Cuisinart Grind Central Grinder

Cuisinart DCG Grind Central Coffee Grinder

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The perfect addition to your Cuisinart coffee maker, the DCG Grind Central coffee grinder features stainless steel blades that make quick work out of your favorite whole bean coffee. Housed in brushed stainless steel, the DCG operates using a push button, and thanks to a safety mechanism the grinder will not run unless the lid is secured. Whole coffee beans stay fresh longer than ground coffee, so we recommend grinding only what you need before each brew.


Environment  Home
Grind Selection  French press to drip coffee
Grinding Method  Blade
Burr Type  N/A
Doser  No
Dosing Options  Removable ground coffee container
Doser Compatibility
Portafilter Compatible  No
Portafilter Compatibility  N/A
On/Off or Time Switch  On/Off Switch
Grind Setting Controls  N/A
Grind Settings  N/A
High Volume Bean Hopper  No
Bean Hopper Capacity  N/A
Ground Coffee Container  4 oz
Doser Capacity  N/A
Clearance Height for Portafilter  N/A
Built in Tamper  No
Bean Hopper  N/A
Ground Coffee Container  Plastic and Stainless Steel
Frame  Plastic
Housing  Stainless Steel
Color  Brushed Stainless
Dimensions (H x W x D)  8.25 x 4.25 x 4.75
Weight  2.75
Warranty  18 months limited warranty
Watts @ 120v  175

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Coffee Temp
1.5 oz grounded (f)  N/A
Sound Level
No Beans  72
With Beans  79
Watts @ 120v  175
RPM (Burrs)  N/A
Grinding Burrs
Type  Blade
Size  2.75
Material  Stainless Steel
Safety Shut Off
Yes/No  Yes
Grinding Control
# of Settings  N/A
Recalibrate  No

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