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Cuisinart Programmable Therm

Cuisinart DTC-975 Programmable Thermal


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Our newest addition in thermal coffee makers, the Cuisinart DTC-975 Programmable Coffee Maker features a carafe that is made of brushed stainless steel and accented in either white or black. The Automatic Brew and Serve Coffee Maker brews coffee directly into the carafe by using our patented brew through lid. Serving coffee is just as easy, the lid also dispenses the brew without ever having to twist or turn the carafe lid. The carafe is so efficient that it keeps coffee hot for up to 4 hours. Our tests indicated the coffee was still 181 degrees F after 1 hour, and 168 degrees F after 4 hours making it one of the better performing thermal carafes on the market. It preserves that great coffee flavor from the moment you brew it.

Totally programmable, this coffee maker can be started any time during a 24-hour cycle. Other features include: LCD Clock, audible beep sounds when cycle is complete, water level markings and automatic shutoff.

One important feature that most coffee makers lack is adequate water dispersion over the coffee grounds. The showerhead In the DTC-975 has been designed so water is evenly dispersed over all of the grounds in the coffee basket. The result is better flavor, better temperature of brewed coffee, and no wasted coffee grounds.

Controls - The DTC-975 coffee maker features a digital clock and timer control that allows for automatic brewing up to 24 hours in advance. You can program the DTC-975 the night before so you can wake up to a wonderful cup of coffee. The timer will automatically turn the coffee maker off as well, and you can program this to occur in one hour increments up to four hours.

Brew Pause System - The DTC-975 allows for removal of the carafe during mid brew for those who just can't wait for the full pot! The filter basket automatically stops the coffee flow when the carafe is removed for up to 30 seconds without it dripping onto the warming plate; resuming again once it is replaced.

Body Material - Molded plastic.

Carafe Material - Plastic frame, brushed stainless steel exterior, and glass liner.

Power - 1025 watts

Colors - White or black

Made In - China

Size - 16"'H x 7.5"W x 11.25"D

Machine Weight - 6 pounds

Warranty - Three years


Essential Info
Brewing System  Steam
Brew Under 5min  No
Brew Time  11 min 25 sec
Cups per Brew  12
Usage  Home
Built in Milk Frother  No
Built in Grinder  No
Controls & Features
Adjustable Coffee Strength  No
Type of Control Switches  Push button
Power Light  No
Brewing Light  Yes
Digital Display  No
Clock / Timer  Yes
Programmable Power On  Yes
Programmable Power Off  No
Auto Shut Off  Yes
Brewing Complete Indicator  Yes
Partial Pot Usage  No
Warming Plate  No
Drip Stop & Serve  Yes
Electronic Decalcification Necessary Indicator  No
Type  Thermal
Exterior Material  Stainless Steel
Interior Material  Stainless Steel
Volume  54 oz
Anti-Spill Pouring  Yes
Sealed Lid  Yes
Dishwasher Safe  No
# of Carafe's  1
Removable  No
Height to Remove  N/A
Material  Plastic
Reservoir Access  Top
Water Gauge  Yes
Coffee Filter
Gold Tone Filter Included  No
Paper Filter Included  Yes
Optional Filter  Gold Tone
Coffee Filter Access  Front Swivel
Removable Coffee Filter Bin  Yes
Filter Type  #4 cone
Water Filtration
Water Filter Included  No
Water Filter Type  N/A
Removes Chlorine  N/A
Removes Sediments  N/A
Water Softener  N/A
Water Filter Life  N/A
Water Filter Part Number  N/A
Housing Materials  Plastic
Body Materials  Plastic
Power Cord Storage  No
Power Cord Length  Short
Maintenance  Wipe with damp cloth and a mild soap
Hot Plate
Material  N/A
Temperature Setting  N/A
Temperature  N/A
Seperate ON / OFF Switch  No
Watts @ 120v  N/A
Dimensions (H x W x D)  15.5 x 7.5 x 11.3
Fits Standard Cabinet Height  Yes
Weight  5.9 lbs
Warranty  3 years
Total Watts @ 120  1025
Volts  N/A
Repair Info
Repaired by  Cuisinart
Contact Number  800-726-0190
Tech Support E-Mail  N/A
Accessory Ordering Info.
Paper Filter  #4 cone
Gold Tone Filter  GTF
Carafe  Contact cusinart
Water Filter  N/A

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