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Delonghi ECAM22110SB Magnifica XS Espresso Machine

Delonghi ECAM22110SB Magnifica XS Espresso Machine


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The attractive DeLonghi ECAM22110SB Magnifica XS Super Automatic espresso machine is packed with features and professional quality components. It is a bean-to-cup machine that precisely grinds and brews perfect espresso shots time after time in under a minute with just the push of a button.

Designed for the user who not only wants quality and great Italian style coffee drinks but who is also concerned about energy consumption. By incorporating sophisticated electronic controls the machine saves more than 70% of energy use over previous designs.

Tech Specs -

  • Coffee Bean hopper: 8.8oz.
  • Water reservoir: 57oz.
  • Height: 13.8"
  • Width: 9.4"
  • Depth: 17"
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Color: Silver
  • Pump pressure: 15 bar
  • Input power: 1250 watts

Milk Frothing - The patented manual steam wand has a special cappuccino tip that mixes steam and milk to create rich, silky foam for preparing latte and cappuccino.

Controls - A selector dial lets you choose the strength of your coffee. Four reprogrammable buttons are preset for a single shot of espresso, a double, one long coffee, and two long coffees. There are also four programmable temperature settings, a number-of-cups-brewed counter, and an automatic energy saving shut-off.

Coffee Bean Container - A flavor saving 8.8 oz. bean container with a tinted lid and a special rubber seal keeps up to a ½ pound of coffee beans fresh and ready to grind.

Stainless Steel Boiler and Thermoblock Heater - The stainless steel boiler resists corrosion and keeps your water fresh. The Thermoblock heater rapidly heats fresh water on-demand to provide fast cycle times for pulling shots and steaming milk.

Grinder - The hardened steel conical burrs rotate at a low speed with little noise to produce consistent coffee grounds for aromatic espresso and coffee without overheating the grind and destroying flavor.

Bypass Doser - You can produce that occasional cup of decaf, or experiment with new flavors using the clever pre-ground option so that you do not have to swap out beans from the grinder. Simply add 1 scoop (scoop included) of freshly ground coffee into the funnel and have a custom brew in seconds.

Water Tank - The front-mounted 57 oz. water tank is visible from the side but pulls out from the front so you never have to wrestle the machine around to fill the water tank. There is a built in water filter for cleaning regular tap water and removing any chlorine that might contaminate the flavor of your drink.

Descaling - The Magnifica XS will alert you when you need to descale based on the water hardness level indicated on the provided test strip. The process is fully automated; when the descale light begins flashing, all you must do is add the solution and press a button.

Brew Group Cleaning - To clean the brewing system, simply turn the power off, open the front door, remove the brew group, rinse under warm water and replace.

Drip Tray - The removable drip tray comes out for easy emptying at the sink and has a waste water level indicator.

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