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Delonghi ECAM23210B Magnifica S

Delonghi ECAM23210B Magnifica S Espresso Machine


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The Delonghi ECAM23210B Magnifica S is a solid mid-range super-automatic espresso machine. It comes outfitted with complete grinding, brewing, steaming and frothing capabilities to let you prepare fresh, café-quality beverages right at home. This impressive machine even manages to maintain a small footprint - measuring 9.37”W x 16.93”D x 13.31”H and weighing approximately 20 pounds - it won’t take up to much counter space. The Delonghi ECAM23210B Magnifica S is ideal for anyone looking for a convenient and affordable super-automatic espresso machine.

Brewing - The Delonghi ECAM23210B Magnifica S keeps warm-up time to a minimum, thanks to an efficient stainless-steel lined thermoblock boiler. You can program your preferences and this super-automatic machine will remember your settings. Along with the Direct-to-Brew System, this Delonghi model has a variable brew group. The coffee spouts are height adjustable to let you accommodate cups of different sizes.

Grinder and Bypass Doser -

Fresh coffee is the key to great espresso. The ECAM23210B Magnifica S Espresso Machine is equipped with Delonghi’s Direct-to-Brew System to let you grind fresh coffee for every beverage. With the integrated bean hopper, you’ll be able to store up to 5.3 ounces of whole bean right in the machine. When you’re ready to brew, select one of 13 grind settings and the conical burr grinder will automatically grind and dose for your convenience.

This machine even has a built-in bypass doser to let you brew with pre-ground coffee, if you choose. The bypass doser is a great feature for households that occasionally choose to prepare flavored or decaf coffee. It will let you skip the grinding process and go straight to the brew group, decreasing the chances of flavor contamination if you choose to deviate from your normal whole bean coffee or espresso.

Steaming and Frothing - The ECAM23210B has impressive steaming and frothing capabilities. It features a dedicated steam wand to let you create rich cappuccinos and lattes. You can also dispense hot water for a tea or Americano on demand.

Removable Brew Group - To make cleaning and maintenance hassle-free, this Delonghi model has a removable brew group that can be detached from the machine. Simply rinse the brew group with tap water to remove coffee debris and residue. A decalcification indicator will let you know when a thorough cleaning is required and the machine should be descaled.

Energy Mode - The Delonghi ECAM23210B will automatically turn off after three hours of inactivity to reduce energy consumption. Thanks to the smart Energy Mode, this super-automatic espresso machine uses up to 77% less energy than its peers.

Color - Black, with silver accents

Size - 9.37”W x 16.93”D x 13.31”H

Weight - 20 lbs

Warranty - 2 year warranty

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