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Delonghi EDG455T Dolce Gusto Genio  Titanium

Delonghi EDG455T Dolce Gusto Genio Titanium


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A single-serve system for making hot as well as cold beverages, the DeLonghi EDG455T Dolce Gusto Genio works with Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsules for hassle-free, mess-free brewing. This gracefully molded unit features seven illuminated bars to indicate coffee strength. Once the desired strength is selected, the bars provide a quick reference point to ensure the proper beverage is being brewed. Ideal for coffee lovers seeking a quick and convenient way to prepare a variety of drinks, the stylishly compact Genio puts a full array of café-style drinks at your fingertips.

Brewing Benefits - Brewing with 15 bars of pressure to ensure proper espresso extraction, this model also features a thermoblock heating system to eliminate pre-heating. Designed exclusively for Nescafé Dolce Gusto capsules, the Genio effortlessly prepares all manner of gourmet beverages, whose strength and volume can both be programmed. Best of all, since the brewing process is self-contained, there is no mess to clean up.

Water Reservoir - The removable 21-ounce water reservoir is accessible from the back of the machine for easy refilling.

Automatic Shut-Off - After five minutes of inactivity, the machine will automatically turn off to conserve power.

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