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Espressione Cafe Roma Deluxe

Espressione Cafe Roma Deluxe


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The Espressione Café Roma Deluxe breaks across the boundaries of a typical semi-automatic espresso machine by including a built-in grinder and 2 options for the doser. While the boundaries may be broken, don’t expect your wallet to be – the Café Roma Deluxe is a great deal, especially considering that the grinder and 2 different grinder attachments are included.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Café Roma Deluxe is perfect for any coffee lover, whether that person is an amateur or an aficionado. With a steam wand and hot water dispenser, get ready to brew a menu limited only by your imagination – americanos, cappuccinos, espressos, café cremas, lattes, macchiatos, and more.

Brewing and Control Panel - The control panel is located on the right side of the machine, above the grinder dispenser. The top row of the control panel consists of an on/off light, a coffee temperature light, a steam temperature light, and a dispenser filler light. Below these lights are 4 buttons for on/off, coffee brewing, steam, and ground coffee dispenser. To brew, dispense ground espresso from the grinder into the portafilter and place the portafilter in the brew group head. Press the coffee brewing button to begin and end brewing.

Conical Burr Grinder - The correct grind is essential to a great shot of espresso. Brew with a grind that’s too coarse, and water will run through too quickly. Brew with a grind that’s too fine, and you’ll end up with too little water and too much bitter extraction. The Café Roma Deluxe has a 1 lb bean hopper and uses a conical burr grinder, which works with one stationary burr and one rotating burr. The beans are drawn in between the burrs and crushed evenly and consistently, without producing too much damaging heat and friction.

Grinder Attachments - The Café Roma Deluxe has 2 different grinder attachments so you always get the amount of espresso that you want. The "Dispensing/Measuring" attachment holds and dispenses preset amounts of espresso – press the level once for 1 shot, and twice for 2 shots. Using this attachment, you can grind larger amounts of espresso at once, and then dispense either 1 or 2 shot servings when needed. The other attachment is known as a “Continuous Flow” attachment, and using a micro-switch you can start and stop the grinder while your portafilter is placed in the holder. This gives you ultimate control over how many grams of ground espresso is brewed for each shot of espresso. Both attachments pull out without any tools, and both have a slot that holds your portafilter in place.

Temperature Gauge - If you want to monitor your heating levels for brewing and steaming, simply check the temperature gauge located on the front right side of the Café Roma Deluxe. The gauge shows the boiler temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Cup Warmer - The chrome-plated metal cup tray is passively heated using residual heat from the boiler. Cup rails ensure that your cup won’t slip off this safe storage spot. Brewing your espresso into a heated cup helps preserve the temperature of the espresso.

Frothing and Steaming - A stainless steel Maxi Cappuccino wand attachment allows you to froth and steam milk for lattes, cappuccinos, hot cocoas or steamers. Press the steam button to heat the water to steaming temperature, then pull down the lever located above the steam wand to begin steaming.

Hot Water Dispenser - The stainless steel steam wand can also be used as a hot water dispenser. Lower the steam wand, and press the brewing and steaming buttons simultaneously to dispense the water. Raise the steam wand and press the brew button to stop the flow of hot water.

Water Reservoir - The removable 50 oz water reservoir is located in the back of the machine. Markings on the side ensure that the proper amount of water has been added.

Housing Materials - The Café Roma Deluxe is housed in polycarbonate with chrome-plated metal accents.

Colors - Available in anthracite/chrome.

Power - 1150 watts/120 volts

Size - 11” H x 14” W x 14.5” D

Weight - 23.7 lbs


Housing Material  ABS/ Polycarbonate
Drip Tray  Plastic
Drip Tray Cover  Metal
Boiler Data
Material  Chrome-plated metal
Type  Vibration
Wattage  N/A
Heater Location  Internal
Volume  8 oz
Large Capacity  No
Brew Group Data
Material  Metal
Switches  Push button
Programmable  No
Auto-Extraction  No
Pre-Infusion  No
Ready Lights  Yes
Thermostats  1
Back Pressure Relief Valve  Yes
Burn Out Protection  No
Cup Warmer
Size  5.5 x 5
Passive/Active  Passive
Portafilter Data
Type  Commercial
Material  Metal
Handle  Plastic
Weight  1 lb
Diameter  58 mm
Filter Basket Material  Brass
Filter Baskets Included  Single/pod & double shot

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