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Expobar Office Lever Plus

Expobar Office Lever Plus Espresso Machine


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Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
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The Expobar Office Lever Plus has impressive commercial features and a compact frame, making it ideal for home use. Expobar has updated the original Office Lever with this model, giving users the ability to plumb the machine. Establish a direct connection with your water supply or use the 120oz water reservoir, the choice is yours.

The Office Lever Plus has also been given a no-burn steam wand, a smart safety measure. Still, this model retains most of the line’s original features; Office Lever loyalists won’t be disappointed. The chrome-plated marine brass portafilter and E61 brew group, as well as a commercial-grade, copper heat-exchanger boiler ensure world-class performance and, ultimately great tasting espresso.

Expobar Office Lever Plus is also sure to be popular with modern design enthusiasts, with its sleek polished stainless steel body and user-friendly controls. This machine comes perched atop heavy-duty, slip resistant feet for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. A superb value for its class, the Expobar Office Lever Plus is great for home users in search of professional-grade capabilities.

Boiler - The robust 1.8 liter copper boiler and heat-exchange system allows you to brew and steam simultaneously.

Plumbing Features - The Expobar Office Lever Plus can be plumbed, giving the machine the ability access an endless water supply. A solenoid valve on the inlet side works in conjunction with the pump to prevent leaking.

E61 Brew Group - Chrome-plated marine brass construction ensures brew-group heat stability and durability. Also, the Expobar Office Lever Plus has a thermal siphon that continuously circulates water from the boiler to the group to maintain optimal brewing conditions.

Three-Way Valve - Post extraction, the valve releases pressure built up during the brewing process.

Pressure Control - The Expobar Office Lever is equipped with a unique controller that monitors and manages boiler temperature and pressure. Should boiler pressure drop below acceptable levels, the controller will automatically activate the heating element to correct the situation. A gauge, mounted on the front panel, allows you keep an eye on machine pressure levels.

Commercial Portafilter - The Office Lever comes with a double-spout, chrome-plated brass portafilter to ensure temperature stability.

Water Reservoir - The large 120oz water reservoir has a dedicated sensor that monitors machine water levels. If the water tank is low, the sensor will turn off the machine to prevent damage.

Steam Wand & Hot Water Dispenser - The Expobar Office Lever has a no-burn steam wand as well as a separate hot water dispenser for your convenience. Both the steam wand and the hot water dispenser can be swiveled, giving them the ability to accommodate cups of all different sizes.

Colors - Polished stainless steel

Power - 1469 watts - 120 volts

Size - 15"H x 10.5"W x 17.5"D

Weight - 54 pounds

Body Material - Stainless steel

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