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Expobar Office Lever

Expobar Office Lever Espresso Machine

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Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
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From the company known for their professional grade machines, may we present The Expobar Office Lever Semiautomatic Espresso Machine.

Thanks to its many commercial caliber features, the Office Lever is the perfect choice for any home barista or small office setting. The commercial style copper heat exchanger boiler has all the features that are found on Expobar’s commercial machines, making simultaneous brewing and steaming a given. And the E61 brew group – the industry benchmark and a professional must – guarantees the unwavering temperature stability necessary for consistent, delicious espresso every time. And to further guarantee perfection, the famed brew group also provides pre infusion and a thermal siphon for aroma and flavor extraction.

As far as design, The Office Lever takes traditionalism to the next level. Beautifully housed in gleaming polished stainless steel, this compact machine is as beautiful as it is durable. Balancing the Office Lever is the stainless steel steam wand on the right and hot water dispensing wand on the left, both with corresponding black dispensing knobs. A traditional pressure gauge, and bold red on/off switch complete the look. And the stainless steel drip tray along with the cup warming area on the top seamlessly round out the stainless steel theme.

For years of heavy use, and looks that last, you just can’t beat The Office Lever.

Polished Stainless Steel Housing - The Expobar Office Lever is just gorgeous and gleaming. It has a polished steel housing, cup warmer and front panel. Stainless steel drip tray cover and drip tray complete the look. And the heavy, powder coated steel frame and chrome plated brass brew group is a perfect match.

Powerful Pump Monitored by Mistake-Proof Pressure Gauge - The Office Lever has a powerful self-priming vibration pump capable of putting out as much as 15 BAR of pressure, thus making the requisite brewing pressure of 8 to 9 BAR a breeze. And you can easily monitor the brewing and steaming pressure with the pressure gauge on the front of the machine, which has various color coded pressure zones, so you never make a mistake.

Simple, Straightforward Controls - Minimalist is one word that describes the Office Lever’s controls. But we prefer to think of it as a machine that stays out of the way and lets your barista skills shine. The on/off switch is a durable red rocker switch. To control the brewing and depressurization processes, simply use the E61 brew group’s 3-way manual lever. Press the lever up to open the valve to start the water flow through the coffee. This also activates the pump. Press it all the way down when you’re done brewing, and it opens a valve to relieve the water pressure off the coffee. This serves two functions; it dries out the used coffee grinds in the portafilter to prevent dripping, making it easy to knock the coffee out of the portafilter with one knock. And it depressurizes the machine, making it possible to start brewing your next shot immediately.

E61 Commercial Brew Group - This is the mother of all brew groups, and the system all others aspire to. Made of solid chrome-plated brass, this entire assembly is revered worldwide for its ability to retain heat at the most consistent temperature as it channels water through the front of the machine and through the grinds. (These channels cut through the brass are known as the thermal siphon system.) Included in the brew group is the manual lever which activates brewing, depressurization, and the three way valve. Rounding out the assembly is the group head, which is the solid brass circular piece that the portafilter locks into. It is channeled to allow the water to flow through it before flowing into the portafilter and onto the grounds. This serves to keep the brass warm, which in turn keeps the water at its perfectly consistent temperature of 198 degrees – ideal for brewing the perfect espresso.

Hefty Commercial Portafilter - The portafilter compliments and completes the job the E61 brew group started. And in order to do it flawlessly, it too is commercially designed and made of 16 hefty ounces of chrome-plated brass, which is excellent for temperature stability throughout the brewing process. The Office Lever’s portafilter is a double spout, 58mm portafilter – again, the commercial standard.

Copper Heat Exchanger Boiler System with a Dual Safety System - The large 1.7-liter copper boiler with brass end plate takes about fifteen minutes to heat up. Once it is up to operating pressure, it can brew continuous espressos all day long, and in under 25 seconds each. Due to the boiler’s large size, The Office Lever can also pump out many lattes and cappuccinos without any down time. And because it’s a heat exchanger, you have the capability to brew and steam at the same time.

Moveable Steam Wand - The stainless steel steam wand is high enough off the counter and long enough to work well in any situation. It also rotates to the left so that it you have plenty of room to work whether you’re steaming or frothing. Simply check your pressure gauge to make sure you’re at the proper pressure for steaming, turn the steam knob and have at it.

Hot Water on Demand - The Expobar Office Lever has a separate, stainless steel hot water dispenser. Just turn the knob on the right and the boiler pressure will push hot water out through the dedicated wand located on the right side. So if you'd prefer tea or hot cocoa, you’ve always got hot water ready to go. The hot water wand also swings laterally for easy access.

Heated Cup Stacking Surface - We always preheat cups when brewing espresso. A non-preheated cup will immediately suck the heat out of the espresso thus robbing you of maximum enjoyment. The Expobar Office Lever has a passive cup warmer located on the top of the machine. The stainless steel cup warmer is 10" x 10" and capable of holding 14 espresso cups at once.

Removable Drip Tray & Drip Tray Cover - The drip tray is made of durable stainless steel and easily slides on and off for emptying. Atop it, sits the stainless steel drip tray cover that pops right out for cleaning.

Removable Water Reservoir - The removable, 2-liter reservoir is made of durable ABS plastic for years of service. It can easily be removed for cleaning, and refilling.

Accessories - The Office Lever’s accessories include a chrome plated brass portafilter, tamper, single shot filter basket, double shot filter basket, backflush disc and a 7 gram coffee scoop.

Colors - Polished stainless steel

Power - 1469 watts - 120 volts

Size - 15"H x 10.5"W x 17.5"D

Weight - 54 pounds

Body Material - Stainless steel

Warranty - New Items: One year parts/labor
Reconditioned Items: 6-month limited warranty

Origin - Spain


Housing Material  Stainless Steel
Drip Tray  Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Cover  Stainless Steel
Boiler Data
Material  Copper
Wattage  1428
Heater Location  Internal
Volume  1.8 Liter
Large Capacity  Yes
Brew Group Data
Material  Chrome Plated Brass
Switches  Lever Arm
Programmable  No
Auto-Extraction  No
Pre-Infusion  Yes
Ready Lights  No, pressure gauge
Thermostats  Pressure Stat
Back Pressure Relief Valve  Yes
Burn Out Protection  Manual reset high temp. limit
Cup Warmer
Size  14 espresso cups
Passive/Active  Passive
Portafilter Data
Type  Commercial
Material  Chrome Plated Brass
Handle  Plastic
Weight  16 oz
Diameter  58 mm
Filter Basket Material  Stainless Steel
Filter Baskets Included  Single & double shot

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Coffee Temp in Cup (Fahnrenheit)
Average Range  176
Maximum Temp Setting (in Cup)
Double Shot (2.5 oz)  20-25
Brewing Times (sec)
Single Shot (1.5 oz)  20-25
Steaming times (in sec to 160 f)
Time to Produce Steam  0
8 oz  9
12 oz  97
10 oz  81
Boiler Cool Down
Time (sec)  0
Water Volume (oz)  N/A
Hot Water
Temp 8 oz (f)  195
Time 8 oz (sec)  13
Recovery Time (sec)  0
Sound Level
Brewing (db)  60
Cup Warmer
Temp (10 min)  119

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