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Gaggia Espresso Color

Gaggia Espresso Color Espresso Machine

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Make a statement with the Gaggia Espresso Color! Housed in bright red ABS plastic, the Gaggia Espresso Color semi-automatic espresso machine is a stylish standout. It produces high-quality crema-topped espresso that’s sure to please any discerning home barista, whether they’re a beginner or an aficionado. The Color’s internal mechanisms are just as well designed as its chic exterior – it houses a stainless steel boiler for brewing and steaming, and uses a chrome plated brass commercial style portafilter. Not to forget about milk-based drinks, the Gaggia Espresso Color offers a Pannarello wand for easy frothing and steaming. Its perfect blend of functionality and eye pleasing style makes the Gaggia Espresso Color a welcome addition to any modern home.

Weight - 10lbs

Warranty - New items: One year parts/labor, plus one year extended warranty.
Reconditioned Items: 6-month limited warranty.

Exterior and Control Pad - There are few buttons, so learning to brew and steam is simple. There is a brew switch with an on and off light, steam switch and a correct temperature light located on the top of the machine.

Chrome-Plated Brass Portafilter - Commercial style brewing is the name of the game on this semi-automatic espresso machine. The portafilter comes with 3 different filter holders for pods, single shots, or double shots.

Pods or Ground - The chrome plated brass portafilter works with pods or ground coffee. “Pods” are pre-packaged single servings of espresso – they cut down on mess and prep time, since you don’t have to grind, measure, or tamp beans. However, if you prefer more control, you can use your choice of ground coffee.

Pannarello Frothing Wand - The Pannarello frothing wand is designed so that even beginners can foam and steam milk with ease, making lattes, cappuccinos, steamers, and more. Press the steam button, wait for the machine to warm up, then open the steam knob to release steam.

Hot Water Dispenser - If you prefer an americano to a cappuccino, or if there’s a tea lover in your house, the Gaggia Color’s hot water dispenser will come in handy. The Pannarello frothing wand doubles as a hot water dispenser – just open the steam knob and press the brew button. Hot water will be released.

Water Reservoir - The 42 oz water reservoir can be removed from the back of the machine. Since impurities in your tap water can cause lime scale buildup on the Espresso Color’s brewing components, Gaggia recommends using filtered or distilled water for brewing. When descaling is necessary, the machine will alert you.

Cleaning and Maintenance - Descale your machine with a professional descaling product every 2-3 months to keep it in good working order. To clean the exterior, wipe with a damp cloth.

Accessories - The Gaggia Espresso Color comes with a detailed instruction manual, portafilter, single shot basket, double shot basket, pod basket, filter, tamper, measuring spoon, and warranty.

Made In - Italy

Power - 1100W

Dimensions - 8 X 14 X 11 inches


Housing Material  ABS/ Polycarbonate
Drip Tray  Plastic
Drip Tray Cover  Stainless Steel
Boiler Data
Material  Stainless steel
Type  Volume
Wattage  1100
Heater Location  Internal
Volume  9 oz
Large Capacity  No
Brew Group Data
Material  Chrome Plated Brass
3 Way Solenoid Valve  No
Pump Data
Type  Vibration
Maximum Pressure  15 bar
Pump Wattage  55
Brewing Pressure  8-9 bar
Self Priming Pump  Yes
Switches  Push button
Programmable  No
Auto-Extraction  No
Pre-Infusion  No
Ready Lights  Yes
Thermostats  2
Back Pressure Relief Valve  Yes
Burn Out Protection  1 Thermal Fuse
Cup Warmer
Size  8x4
Material  Stainless Steel
Passive/Active  Passive
Portafilter Data
Type  Commercial
Material  Chrome-plated brass
Handle  Plastic
Weight  16 oz
Diameter  58 mm
Filter Basket Material  Stainless Steel
Filter Baskets Included  Single, ESE pod & double shot
Pod Capable  Yes

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Coffee Temp in Cup (Fahnrenheit)
Average Range  174-178
Maximum Temp Setting (in Cup)
Double Shot (2.5 oz)  180
Brewing Times (sec)
Single Shot (1.5 oz)  20
Double Shot (2.5 oz)  25
Steaming times (in sec to 160 f)
Time to Produce Steam  42
4 oz  42
8 oz  54
12 oz  123
10 oz  75
Total Liquid After Steaming
4 oz  5
8 oz  9
12 oz  13.2
10 oz  11.5
Boiler Cool Down
Time (sec)  21
Water Volume (oz)  2
Hot Water
Temp 8 oz (f)  175
Time 8 oz (sec)  28
Recovery Time (sec)  25
Sound Level
Brewing (db)  64
Cup Warmer
Temp (10 min)  98

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