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Refurbished Gaggia Classic Brushed SS Espresso Machine

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Certified refurbished by Aabree Coffee, the Refurbished Gaggia Classic Brushed SS Espresso Machine is an affordable and reliable alternative to purchasing a new machine.

It's called the Classic for a reason. The Gaggia Classic has been around for more than 10 years and the quintessential, classic home espresso machine. It has the track record, thoroughbred statistics, and history to back it up. It also has the Gaggia name behind it, one of the most respected names in the espresso industry. Gaggia is responsible for many firsts in the business, including the first reliable high pressure espresso system to produce modern day espresso with crema. The Classic is in many ways the embodiment of Gaggia's long success in the industry.

From the outset you know you have a serious machine. Gaggia takes great care to make sure the outside of the machine looks serious and high quality, and it doesn't stop at the outer skin. The Gaggia Classic features one of the heaviest portafilters in the consumer machine world, which is made of marine grade brass with chrome plating. Standard 58mm filters are used to provide ample room for brewing rich, full espresso. The grouphead is also heavy gauge marine brass with chrome plating, which provides excellent temperature stability, something borrowed from the commercial machines.

Deeper inside you notice another commercial-grade feature - the 3 way solenoid valve, which provides immediate pressure release from the grouphead once you complete your espresso pull, allowing you to remove the portafilter and prepare your next shot, instantly.

Inside you'll find a boiler surrounded by heating elements drawing 1370 watts of power. This provides for quick warm up times, but more importantly, lightning quick recovery times, allowing you to pull shot after shot without little wait time. You also find brass lines and high-grade connections inside, all signs of Gaggia's serious attention to detail, quality and longevity.

The Gaggia Classic is for many the epitome of the perfect home espresso machine. Refined over the years, it is proving its durability and performance with every new owner. We highly recommend it.

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