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Gaggia for Illy Plus

Gaggia For Illy Plus Single Serve Espresso Machine

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A joint venture between Italy’s most recognizable coffee and espresso providers, the Gaggia for Illy Plus uses advanced brewing technology and iperEspresso capsules to deliver fresh, rich beverages. For die-hard latte and cappuccino drinkers, this single-serve machine comes with a Pannarello steam wand. The Gaggia for Illy Plus also features an intensive Mavea filtration system to ensure pure water for your beverages and the cup stand can be raised and lowered to accommodate different sized glasses and mugs.

This compact single-serve espresso machine has a glossy ABS plastic frame and intuitive controls, making it ideal for home use. The Gaggia for Illy Plus comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

iperEspresso Capsules - Illy's iperEspresso capsules are created using fine Illy coffee. They have been carefully measured and packaged to brew aromatic, crema-rich espresso.

Brewing Benefits - The Gaggia for Illy Plus uses a unique two-phase extraction process to get the most out of your iperEspresso capsule. It also features a stainless steel boiler and 15-bar pump for robust operations. Beverage volume is programmable and the capsule is automatically discarded post brew. The spent capsule container can hold up to 12 iperEspresso capsules.

Steaming and Frothing - The Pannarello steam wand allows you to create the ideal milk texture for lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiato. It will also dispense hot water for tea or soup as well as swivel from side-to-side to accommodate a different-sized cups and steaming pitchers.

Water Filtration System - The reservoir has a one-liter capacity and uses a four-stage Mavea Filter to remove impurities from tap water. This will help to reduce scale and mineral buildup.

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