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Gaggia Titanium Office Espresso Machine

Gaggia Titanium Office Espresso Machine

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The Gaggia Titanium Office comes complete with programmable brewing buttons, an LCD display, and an extra-large dredge drawer. Encased in steel housing, the machine also features a large base with room for up to 30 spent coffee pucks and extra drip tray room, in addition to Gaggia’s time-tested super automatic technology. With 1 boiler for brewing and 1 boiler for steaming, you can make lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso-based milk drinks without any downtime.

The blue LCD display on the Gaggia Titanium Office makes for easy brewing, programming, and maintenance, while alerting you (in the language of your choice) to what’s going on with the machine. The programmable brewing buttons can be set to the coffee size of your choice, so you can easily create consistent shots every time you brew. Choose to manually adjust the grind fineness to any of the grinder’s 18 settings, and adjust the coffee dose between 6 and 9 grams. The bypass doser allows you to brew with beans other than those in the hopper.

The Rapid Steam system puts some serious power behind frothing milk for café-style drinks. The stainless steel Turbo Frother attachment on the steam wand will properly distribute steam throughout your frothing pitcher, so you can look like a cappuccino pro. The cappuccinatore attachment lets the machine do the work for you, dispensing perfectly frothed milk into your favorite drink.

Automatic Coffee Center - The Gaggia Titanium Office has everything you need to easily create the similiar drinks found at the coffee shops around the corner and around the world. Cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, americanos, and more are just a few buttons away. For the drip coffee lovers in your home or office, you can even make crema coffee. This flavorful and rich drink is the result of passing more water under pressure through the ground espresso, up to about 8oz. The result is the same size as a drip coffee, but with a depth of flavor unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

2 Boilers - Waiting for a single boiler machine to heat up to steam temperature or cool down to brewing temperature can take up precious moments in the morning. The Gaggia Titanium Office features 2 boilers, 1 for brewing and a Rapid Steam boiler for steaming milk, eliminating downtime, and creating drinks that are easy and fast.

Push Button Technology - The key to any super automatic espresso machine is its ease-of-use, and the Gaggia Titanium Office couldn’t get too much easier. Programmable brewing buttons can be set to dispense the liquid volume of your choice. Brewing is as simple as pressing a button on the control panel. The machine does it all--Grinding, dosing, tamping, and brewing, leaving you with the rich task of enjoying a great cup of coffee!!

LCD Display - Whatever language you speak, the blue LCD display on the front of the Gaggia Titanium Office will speak to you nd guide you through every function of the machine. In addition to helping you program the machine, this display will notify you when the water reservoir or bean hopper need to be refilled, when to perform cleaning and descaling cycles.

Adjustable Beverage Size - The first 3 buttons on the Gaggia Titanium Office’s control panel are programmable brewing buttons. They have been pre-set for an espresso, normal coffee, and café lungo respectively, but you can adjust them to meet your personal tastes. To change the setting, just put a cup underneath the dispensing spout and then press and hold the button you want to program. The message “Progr. Quantity” will appear on the display and coffee will be dispensed into your cup. Simply release the button when you want to stop the flow of coffee, and your setting will be saved.

Adjustable Coffee Dosing - The taste of your espresso depends on a number of different variables, and the amount of coffee used to brew is a big one. You can adjust the amount of coffee used to brew each shot anywhere between 6 and 9 grams by turning the coffee dosing knob in the bean hopper. To increase the strength of your espresso, you can increase the dose, and vice versa.

Adjustable Temperature Control - Some people love their espresso extra-hot, while others don’t want to wait too long before they can start sipping. The Gaggia Titanium Office has 5 different temperature settings to choose from: minimum, low, medium, high, and maximum. The coffee temperature is easily adjusted by entering the programming mode by pressing the Menu/OK button on the control panel and navigating with the arrow keys.

Professional Conical Burr Grinder - Grind fineness plays a large role in the flavor of your espresso. The Gaggia Titanium Office features a conical burr grinder with 18 different settings, so you can find just the right fineness to accommodate your beans and your personal taste.

Coffee Pre-Infusion - Before brewing, a pre-infusion cycle will wet your ground coffee with a splash of water. This pulls out the aromatic oils of the coffee once brewing begins, resulting in a more flavorful espresso shot. If desired, you can turn this function off in programming mode.

Bypass Doser - The Gaggia Titanium Office features a bypass doser that allows you to brew using previously ground coffee. Located on the front top of the machine, this chute is easily accessible by lifting a small cover. An included coffee scoop will also help you measure out the proper amount of ground coffee.

Adjustable Coffee Spout - Because the Titanium Office gives you the opportunity to create a variety of espresso beverages, chances are good that you will be using a variety of different cups. The Titanium Office has an adjustable coffee spout, so you can brew directly into espresso cups or larger mugs.

Cup Warmer - An active cup warmer is located on the top of the Titanium Office. With room for up to 6 espresso cups, you can help maintain the ideal serving temperature for your espresso. You can turn the cup warmer on and off via the programming menu.

Pre-grinding Function - A nice feature for use in an office environment is the pre-grinding option. This feature will automatically grind a dose of coffee for a second shot right after a shot is brewed. This allows the next shot to be brewed right when the user presses the brewing button, rather than having to wait for the machine to grind, dose, and tamp. You can turn this function on or off in the programming menu.

Hot Water - the Titanium Office can dispense hot water when you are in the mood for tea, americanos, hot chocolate, or instant soups. simply press the hot water button, wait for the display to say it’s ready, and turn the steam/hot water knob. When your desired amount of hot water has been reached, turn the knob back the other way to stop the slow of water.

Turbo Frother and Automatic Frothing Attachment - With the Gaggia Titanium Office, you have 2 different options for steaming and frothing milk for cappuccinos, lattes, and other espresso-based milk drinks. A stainless steel Turbo Frother will help evenly distribute steam throughout your frothing pitcher to let you create luscious steamed or frothed milk in moments.

Removable Brew Group - The brew group is easily removable for a quick rinse or to perform periodic maintenance. To access the brew group, simply open the front panel of the machine.

Water Reservoir - The Gaggia Titanium Office has a large, 60oz water reservoir, allowing for plenty of time between refills. Made of clear plastic, this reservoir can also be removed for easy filling and cleaning.

Bean Hopper - The bean hopper on the Gaggia Titanium Office can hold up to 8.5 oz of whole beans, enough for about 30 espressos before you have to refill. The grinder and dosing adjustment knobs are also located in the bean hopper.

Water Hardness Setting - The Gaggia Titanium Office comes with a water hardness test strip. You can program your area’s water hardness, and the machine will alert when it is time to perform a descaling cycle. The instruction manual and LCD display will guide you through the descaling process, which typically occurs every 2-3 months,depending on water hardness.

Cycle Count - To keep track of the amount of espressos brewed on your machine, the Titanium Office features a cup counter. To access the count, just enter the “Total Coffees” section of the programming menu.

Energy Savings Mode - To conserve energy, you can set the Gaggia Titanium Office to turn off after a certain amount of idle time has elapsed. This will shut down the boiler of the machine, but keep the control panel active.

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