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Handpresso DomePod

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DISCONTINUED: Please see the Handpresso Wild Hybrid.

The Handpresso DomePod is a portable espresso machine that lets you prepare fresh espresso on the go using ground coffee. Unlike the Handpresso Wild, which works with ESE pods, the DomePod lets you brew with your favorite ground coffee—grind your own beans or use pre-ground coffee, the DomePod delivers flavorful shots every time. 

The hand-powered DomePod can generate up to 16 bar of pressure, so your shot will be just as good as one extracted from a conventional espresso machine. To use, pump the DomePod, add hot water and 7 grams of ground coffee. Once you have your shot, remove the DomePod, release the puck and rinse under water to clean. The Handpresso DomePod does not need to be descaled!

Please Note:
Do not use detergents or alcohol to clean the Handpresso DomePod.
The Handpresso DomePod is not microwave safe.

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