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Jura Cup Warmer

Jura Cup Warmer


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Preheated cups make all the difference when it comes to great tasting espresso-based beverages; enter the Jura Cup Warmer. This freestanding unit lets you prep cups to 133°F to prevent post-extraction heat loss and ensure brew integrity. Equipped with two drawers, the Jura Cup Warmer is capable of housing up to six cappuccino, five espresso or four coffee cups.

Great for the busy coffee connoisseur, this model has programmable auto on and off features, making it easy to preset the machine to have warm cups waiting when you’re ready to brew. This Cup Warmer has an attractive, contemporary styling that matches all Jura Impressa and ENA espresso machines.


• Stacked, sliding drawers with generous height clearance to accommodate different-sized cups
• Two robust heating elements to ensure proper temperature
• Closed, sanitary system prevents heat loss
• Programmable Automatic on and off settings
• Unique, compact design with transparent sides
• Easy-to-read display
• One year manufacturer’s warranty
• 120V, 60Hz

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