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Krups FME2 Coffee Maker

Krups FME2 Coffee Maker


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The sleek and compact Krups FME2 is an easy-to-use machine that will streamline your coffee-making with special features such as a setting that allows you to brew smaller quantities, a heating plate that keeps your coffee warm for hours, and a water filter system that minimizes the amount of chlorine and other minerals that build up within your machine. It also has a programmable clock/timer so you can set the brew cycle ahead of time and other indicators that will tell you when it’s time to fill the water reservoir or descale the machine.

Programmable Clock/Timer - With the push of a button you can set the machine to begin brewing at a certain time every day. You can also program the coffee maker to automatically shut off 1 to 5 hours after the brew cycle is complete.

“Duo Filter” Water Filtration - This system is an active vegetable-based, double-acting, anti-chlorine and anti-scale filter. The anti-chlorine action of the filter brings out the coffee’s best flavor, while the anti-scale action decreases the amount of lime that accumulates inside the machine so you won’t have to descale as often. Before installing the Duo Filter rinse it under tap water for one minute, then lift the water reservoir lid and remove the water filtration holder. The next step is to rotate the lower part of the holder and insert the “Duo Filter” into its housing. Now replace the water filtration holder and the machine is ready to use. There is also a rotary indicator on the top of the water filter holder that indicates when the Duo Filter should be changed.

Brewing Complete Audible Signal - The Krups FME2 automatically beeps when the coffee is done brewing. This signal can be disengaged by pressing the Program button first, then the 1-3 cup button twice.

Empty Water Reservoir Indicator - This feature will automatically shut off the coffee machine when the water reservoir is empty. An icon will appear on the display panel, and after the machine cools down for about ten minutes you can fill the reservoir with water. After you fill the reservoir you will press the O/I button to cancel the icon, and then press that button again to restart the machine.

One-Switch On/Off Design - Pressing the O/I button after plugging in your machine will allow you to make coffee without using the programmable mode. The display will then light up in blue and alternately show “ON” and the current time. After brewing is complete, the hot plate will remain heated from 1 to 5 hours, depending on when you’ve programmed the auto shut-off to kick in. If you’d rather shut the machine off manually, you can do so by simply pressing the O/I button.

Drip-Stop Device - The coffee maker is fitted with a drip-stop device so you can remove the carafe before the water is finished running through if you want to serve a quick cup of coffee. However be sure to replace the carafe quickly to avoid overflow.

1-3 Cup Flavor Setting Button - This setting ensures that every cup of coffee will be full-bodied, no matter what quantity you choose to make. When making smaller quantities of coffee press the 1-3 cup button. However keep in mind that this function cannot be changed once the brew cycle has started.

Electronic Limescale Detection - With the Krups FME2 there is no guesswork involved in determining when it is time to descale your machine. When the digital display shows “CALC” it is time to remove the filter holder, grab some descaling solution and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the descaling process. The frequency of descaling depends on the hardness of your water and how often you use the coffee machine. If you use the duo action water filter you should descale every 80 uses for hard water and 160 uses for soft water. Without the duo action water filter you need to descale every 40 uses with hard water, and every 80 uses with soft water.

Easy Release Filter Basket - With the push of a button the filter holder swings out, making it easy to insert a #4 paper filter or a permanent filter. Then you are ready to add coffee.

Water Level Indicator - A slim, glass tube located along the left side of the brewing unit tells you how much water is contained inside the reservoir.

Cord Storage - A small compartment under the coffee maker keeps the machine’s cord hidden when the coffee maker is not in use.

Accessories - The FME2 comes with a 12-cup glass carafe, Krups DuoFilters, and a detailed instruction manual.

Colors - Black or white

Size - 13 ¾”H x 8 ½”W x 10 ½”D

Power - 120 volts (regular USA household electrical) – UL listed

Machine Weight - 6 lbs

Warranty - 1 year parts and labor through Krups

Origin - Germany


Essential Info
Brewing System  Steam
Brew Under 5min  No
Brew Time  11 minutes
Cups per Brew  12
Usage  Home
Built in Milk Frother  No
Built in Grinder  No
Controls & Features
Adjustable Coffee Strength  Yes
Type of Control Switches  Push Button
Power Light  Yes
Brewing Light  Yes
Digital Display  Yes
Clock / Timer  Yes
Programmable Power On  Yes
Programmable Power Off  Yes
Auto Shut Off  Yes
Brewing Complete Indicator  Yes
Partial Pot Usage  Yes
Warming Plate  Yes
Drip Stop & Serve  Yes
Electronic Decalcification Necessary Indicator  No
Type  Glass
Exterior Material  Glass
Interior Material  Glass
Volume  60 oz
Anti-Spill Pouring  No
Sealed Lid  No
Dishwasher Safe  Yes
# of Carafe's  1
Removable  No
Height to Remove  N/A
Material  Plastic
Reservoir Access  Top
Water Gauge  Yes
Coffee Filter
Gold Tone Filter Included  No
Paper Filter Included  Yes
Optional Filter  Gold Tone
Coffee Filter Access  Front
Removable Coffee Filter Bin  Yes
Filter Type  #4 cone
Water Filtration
Water Filter Included  Yes
Water Filter Type  Active vegetable based
Removes Chlorine  Yes
Removes Sediments  Yes
Water Softener  No
Water Filter Life  Soft H2O - 4 mos., Hard H2O - 2 mos.
Water Filter Part Number  F472
Housing Materials  Plastic
Body Materials  Plastic
Power Cord Storage  Yes
Power Cord Length  37"
Maintenance  Wipe with damp cloth and a mild soap
Hot Plate
Material  Teflon
Temperature Setting  No
Temperature  N/A
Seperate ON / OFF Switch  No
Watts @ 120v  1100
Dimensions (H x W x D)  13.75 x 8.25 x 10.5
Fits Standard Cabinet Height  Yes
Weight  5 lbs
Warranty  1 year limited
Total Watts @ 120  1100
Volts  120
Repair Info
Repaired by  Krups
Contact Number  800-526-5377
Tech Support E-Mail  N/A
Accessory Ordering Info.
Paper Filter  #4 cone
Gold Tone Filter  F049
Carafe  F15BOG
Water Filter  F472

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