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La Pavoni EPC-8

la Pavoni Europiccola EPC-8 Espresso Machine


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The Europiccola is perhaps one of the most recognized lever style espresso and cappuccino machines on the planet. The elegant look of this machine has captured the hearts of many who have had the opportunity to use it. Ease of use, durable construction, and its ability to produce fine espresso and cappuccino make it a fine choice if you enjoy the ritual of espresso brewing. We offer the newly upgraded models that have larger portafilters and larger groupheads, what La Pavoni calls their Millennium Editions.

The Europiccola is a piston lever espresso machine; you are the pump on this machine, but thanks to a well designed piston group and a comfortable and easy to use lever, you can easily produce up to 8 or 9 BAR of pressure for producing a superior shot of espresso, heavily laden with dark golden crema.

That said, the lever machines from La Pavoni are machines that might not be suited for anyone who isn't willing to put up with some trial and error. The machines are quite capable of producing the best espresso you've ever had, if you take the time and care to learn the intricacies of how these machines work, and more importantly, how much these machines rely on your skill to produce a superior shot. Those who believe that espresso is as much a journey as it is a destination will truly appreciate this kind of machine. Those who would rather press a button and be done with it may be better suited by one of La Pavoni's traditional pump machines. The La Pavoni Europiccola is an excellent machine for the espresso purist and romantic. We highly recommend it, but only for those who are willing to get to know this machine really well.

Heavy Duty Boiler - The boiler is equipped with two safety systems that prevent over-heating and damage. If the temperature in the boiler reaches unsafe levels, a thermostat will shut the boiler off, but you will be able to reset the thermostat after the machine cools. The boiler also has a pressure relief valve mounted near the top that opens automatically to quietly relieve excessive pressures in the boiler. The boiler holds enough water for 8, 2 oz. espresso servings.

Frothing Milk for Cappuccinos or Lattes Is Easy - There is a thermal fuse that will turn off the boiler if it overheats for any reason. The fuse turns the boiler off at 225F and is easily reset.

You Are The Pump... - How does the piston operated espresso machine work? The machine consists of a large boiler, seen in the picture as the vertical barrel shaped component. Water is heated within for either brewing espresso or frothing milk. When the boiler is at the correct temperature for brewing espresso the operator simply lifts the lever. Water begins to flow from the boiler into the brew chamber and seeps down through the coffee grounds. The coffee begins to drip from the spouts into your cup. When this happens the lever is then pressed down to plunge the rest of the water through the coffee grounds.

High Quality Portafilter & Filter Baskets - La Pavoni uses high quality marine brass in their portafilters that help with temperature stability and durability. The Europiccola portafilter uses chrome plating on the brass and commercial-grade plastic on the handle. The two filter baskets are made of stamped stainless steel, one for single shots and one for double shots of espresso.

Durable Controls - La Pavoni did not skimp on the controls. Keeping inline with the machine’s other fine qualities, the controls knobs and lever handle are made of thick, durable plastic.

Removable Drip Tray - Underneath the brew head is the drip tray and cup area. The tray removes for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Under the drip tray is the base.

Accessories - Two stainless steel filter baskets for making either single or double shots of espresso, coffee tamper, measuring spoon, automatic milk frothing attachment, instruction video and an instruction manual.

Warranty - One year parts and labor through la Pavoni

Power - 1000 watts - 110 volts (regular USA household electrical)

Weight - 14 pounds

Height - 12 inches

Body Construction - The boiler is made of chrome-plated brass externally and nickel-plated internally. The lever and base are made of chrome-plated steel. The control handles and drip pan are made of durable commercial grade plastic.

Origin - Italy


Material  Polished Chrome
Gauge  Yes
Capacity  20 oz.
Removable  No
Water Filter  No
Switches  Rocker
Ready Lights  Yes
Repair Info
Repaird by  La Pavoni
Contact Number  800-927-0277

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