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la Pavoni PC-16

la Pavoni Romantica PC-16 Espresso Machine


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"The la Pavoni Professional is beautiful to look at, it makes excellent espresso, and it will last for ever" There's something special about using a lever espresso machine to make your favorite beverage. It's rarely perfect, it sometimes aggravates, and it can take days to fully figure out. But with a lever espresso machine like the La Pavoni Professional, making an espresso is an intensely personal and rewarding experience. You are part of the process, through and through - if you are even the smallest amount off when pulling your shot, the results in the cup will show it. If you practice and become an expert, you'll get espresso like you can get from no other machine.

The Professional features a large 38 oz. boiler with a pressurestat for maintaining optimum brewing pressures. A convenient pressure gauge keeps you informed of the machine's status at all times. One serious perk with the Professional is that the machine is always in "steam ready" mode, meaning you can bang out a quality shot of espresso, and steam or froth milk immediately after pulling the shot. No waiting, no down time. With the latest redesign of the brew group, La Pavonis are vastly improved when it comes to producing shot after shot - the group no longer gets as hot as it used to on previous models.

La Pavoni wants you to produce excellent coffee, espresso, and cappuccino drinks with this machine, and to help you along the way, they include a very informative manual and video in the box that will have you up and going in no time. There are also two steaming arms that can be quick-changed. One is for the purist, traditionalist, and features a well-designed three-hole tip. The other is with a special cappuccinatore device that automatically draws milk from a glass, a small carton, or any other receptacle, and instantly mixes it with steam to produce perfect micro-froth.

The La Pavoni Professional was reviewed at the CoffeeGeek website where it drew top honors. In the conclusion, CoffeeGeek stated: "Would I recommend a La Pavoni Professional or Romantica? I certainly would, if you're a person ready and willing to roll up your sleeves, practice for months, hone and perfect your skill with the machine. You'd also have to give up some niceties you get from traditional pump machines. If you're up for that, you'll love owning this machine, and it will give you amazing results." - Honorable Author Mark Prince

Durable Controls - La Pavoni did not skimp on the controls. Keeping inline with the machine’s other fine qualities, the controls knobs and lever handle are made of thick, durable plastic.

Removable Drip Tray - Underneath the brew head is the drip tray and cup area. The tray removes for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Under the drip tray is the base.

Accessories - Two stainless steel filter baskets for making either single or double shots of espresso, coffee tamper, measuring spoon, automatic milk frothing attachment, instruction video and an instruction manual.

Warranty - One year parts and labor through la Pavoni

Power - 1000 watts - 110 volts (regular USA household electrical)

Weight - 14 pounds

Height - 12 inches

Body Construction - The boiler is made of chrome plated brass externally and nickel-plated internally. The lever and base is made of chrome-plated steel. The control handles are made of durable commercial grade plastic as well as the drip pan.

Origin - Italy

High Quality Portafilter & Filter Baskets - La Pavoni uses high quality marine brass in their portafilters that help with temperature stability and durability. The Europiccola portafilter uses chrome plating on the brass and commercial-grade plastic on the handle. The two filter baskets are made of stamped stainless steel, one for single shots and one for double shots of espresso.

Frothing Milk for Cappuccinos or Lattes Is Easy - There are also two options for steaming - a traditional steam wand arm with a great 3 hole tip perfect for producing micro-foam in the hands of a skilled operator. There is also a cappuccinatore wand that makes micro-frothing a snap - it draws milk straight from a container of your choice and mixes it with steam from the boiler instantly producing foamed milk in a cup. It's completely foolproof, and really good quality micro-foam as well. There is also a well- designed manual and training video in the box to get you going.

You Are The Pump... - How does the piston operated espresso machine work? The machine consists of a large boiler, seen in the picture as the vertical barrel shaped component. Water is heated within for either brewing espresso or frothing milk. When the boiler is at the correct temperature for brewing espresso the operator simply lifts the lever. Water begins to flow from the boiler into the brew chamber and seeps down through the coffee grounds. The coffee begins to drip from the spouts into your cup. When this happens the lever is then pressed down to plunge the rest of the water through the coffee grounds.

Heavy Duty Boiler - The solid brass boiler is easy to maintain and its stunning finish is insured for the long term thanks to triple chrome or brass plating. The inside of the boiler has been nickel plated to protect against corrosion, and you never have to worry about the heating element failing as it is made of stainless steel.


Material  Polished Chrome
Gauge  Yes
Capacity  38 oz.
Removable  No
Water Filter  No
Housing Material  Steel
Boiler Data
Material  Brass
Type  Pump / Boiler
Wattage  1000
Volume  38 oz
Switches  Rocker
Ready Lights  Gauge
Misc. Data
Hot Water Dispenser  No
Weight  11.7 oz
Dimensions (H x W x D)  13" x 7.5" x 11.5"
Watts @ 120v  NA
Colors  Chrome
Warranty  Yes
Repair Info
Repaird by  La Pavoni
Contact Number  800-927-0277

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