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Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder


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The "mini version" of the Mazzer family of grinders has gained a lot of notoriety in the specialty coffee arena. With its superb quality and precision, the Mazzer Mini has become the benchmark for what a home and light commercial espresso grinder should be. While the Mazzer Mini was originally conceived as a light commercial espresso grinder to be placed in low volume cafes and espresso bars, a position well suited to the Mini, it has become an icon among home espresso enthusiasts as one of the best grinders for the money. The name may be a little deceiving. It may be called a "mini", but the Mazzer Mini is the largest and heaviest coffee grinder we offer. It's called the Mini because it happens to be the smallest grinder that Mazzer makes.

The Mazzer is the real thing. You may notice a few grinders that look just like this one in many coffee bars. This is because Mazzer has garnered a worthy reputation in the industry and a few brands are fortunate to be able to place their name and reputation on a Mazzer.

This is a well thought out grinder with attention to detail. Its sturdy construction with nearly everything being made metal will withstand home and light commercial use for many years making this a grinder that will give you what you pay for. It's quiet, allowing for a normal conversation to take place over its quiet hum, and it certainly won't stir those who are still asleep in the morning. It's a precision machine in that it can grind to any specification, coarse to espresso and Turkish coffee, and it won't hiccup when grinding under heavy loads or fine settings. There is a "best" in every category of product and we think the Mazzer Mini is a strong contender for being the best in the grinder category indeed.

Heavy-duty Construction - There is nothing left to chance when it comes to the construction of the Mini. Its designers made sure this grinder was built to last. Its heavy steel housing has been painted with a durable paint then covered with a clear coat to protect the finish. It would be easier to mention what's not made of metal on the Mazzer Mini like the bean hopper, power cord, power switch, and the rubber feet. Nearly everything else from the motor to the coffee doser is made of durable metals and hardware.

Quiet Yet Powerful Electric Motor - The Mazzer features a 250-watt motor that turns at 1600 revolutions per minute. With power in reserve, the cutting surfaces can slice through coffee quickly and efficiently without bogging down under heavy loads, or when grinding at very fine settings. The motor is directly connected to the cutting wheel so no power is lost during the transfer of power. The motor has been well insulated and is quieter than most competing grinders, so much so, you can hold a whispering conversation over the sound of the motor even when it is under load. Although we do not recommend it, Mazzer claims their motor can run for 30 minutes without stopping before it should be turned off to cool down.

Burr Grinding Wheel - The Mazzer Mini uses heavy-duty burr grinding wheels to crush the coffee beans into uniform coffee grounds. The cutting wheel is 58mm across and uses high-grade tempered steel for long life. Access to the grinding wheels for maintenance and routine cleaning is quick. Just remove the bean hopper and unscrew the grind adjustment wheel (you must turn clockwise to remove).

Endless Grind Settings? - Well almost. The Mini uses a "stepless grind adjustment" system to go from coarse coffee grounds to very fine. Unlike many coffee grinders that use notches or steps along the path of adjustments, the Mini allows you to turn the adjustment wheel to any position you desire for fine tuning of the coffee ground size. Although the Mini is capable of grinding from very coarse (for French Press or drip coffee makers) to very fine (for espresso or Turkish coffee), the Mini is primarily designed for grinding coffee for espresso.

Compact Coffee Bean Hopper - The Mini's hopper measures just 4 inches tall when in place on the grinder, however, it can hold up to 1 lb of coffee beans. The hopper is made of heavy clear plastic with a black lid, and your coffee beans will stay fresh as they are protected from the ambient air. A rarity among grinders in this price range (in fact the only model we offer with this feature) is the ability to remove the bean hopper while it still has coffee beans in it. At the base of the hopper is a trap door that closes off the bottom of the hopper to prevent beans from coming out when the hopper is removed. This allows the hopper to be removed without having to turn the entire grinder upside down to pour out the remaining beans.

Coffee Dosing System - The ground coffee dosing hopper located on the front of the Mini is made of stainless steel and features windows that show the contents of the hopper that are made of high impact clear plastic. The internal workings of the doser such as the auger (the fins that push the ground coffee to the chute) and dosing lever are made of steel. Below the dosing hopper is a portafilter fork (the place where the portafilter rests while you are dosing coffee from the hopper) is made of polished aluminum. Mazzer even took the extra step of coating the dosing lever with rubber for comfort.

Safety Mechanism - The motor is equipped with a thermal protection device that will prevent damage to the motor and other components in the event the grinding mechanism becomes jammed or if the motor should begin to overheat from excessive use.

Cleaning the Mini Mazzer - Access to components that may need periodic cleaning is easy. To clean the grinding wheels and chamber, simply remove the bean hopper then unscrew (clockwise) the grind adjustment wheel until the assembly is free of the machine. Both the stationary grind surface (upper assembly that you unscrewed) and the spinning grind wheel are exposed. Use a small brush to clean between the cutting burrs. Cleaning of the dosing hopper is achieved best with a small vacuum hose and pulling the dosing lever. The bean hopper can be removed and cleaned with warm water and mild detergent by hand. No parts of the Mazzer are dishwasher safe.

Made In - Italy

Colors - Silver or Black

Power - 250 watts - 110 volts - 2.3 amps

Weight - 22 pounds

Size - 16.5"H x 7"W x 11"D

Warranty - One year


Environment  Home/ Commercial
Grind Selection  All grinds
Grinding Method  Burr
Burr Type  Flat
Doser  Yes
Dosing Options  Between 5.5 and 9 grams per pull
Doser Compatibility
Portafilter Compatible  Yes
Portafilter Compatibility  All portfilters will fit
On/Off or Time Switch  Timer
Grind Setting Controls  Stepless
Grind Settings  Unlimited
High Volume Bean Hopper  Yes
Bean Hopper Capacity  16 oz
Ground Coffee Container  N/A
Doser Capacity  200 g/7 oz
Clearance Height for Portafilter  4.75
Built in Tamper  Yes
Bean Hopper  Clear Plastic
Ground Coffee Container  Clear Plastic, Aluminum, & SS
Frame  Aluminum
Housing  Aluminum
Color  Silver or Black
Dimensions (H x W x D)  16.5 x 7 x 11
Weight  22
Warranty  1yr
Watts @ 120v  250

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Coffee Temp
1.5 oz grounded (f)  77°
Sound Level
No Beans  62
With Beans  76
Watts @ 120v  250
RPM (Burrs)  1600
Grinding Burrs
Type  Flat Plate
Size  58mm
Material  100% Hardened Swedish Steel
Safety Shut Off
Yes/No  Yes, Optional
Grinding Control
# of Settings  Infinite
Recalibrate  Infinitely adjustable; no need to calibrate

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