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Pasquini Logo Cups

Pasquini Logo Gold Trim Cups

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Cappuccino (6)
Cappuccino (6)


Espresso (6)
Espresso (6)
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Pasquini logo cups will add class and elegance to any espresso machine. For Music - Puccini. For Art - Bernini. For espresso - Pasquini. That is the motto you will find on the back of these designer espresso and cappuccino cups. On the front is the Pasquini logo with gold lead trim. Espresso and cappuccino cups are available in a set of 6 and latte cups are available in a set of 2.


 Height: Espresso Cup - 1.75", Cappuccino Cup - 2.25"

Volume: Espresso Cup - 2oz, Cappuccino Cup - 6oz

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