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Rancilio Rocky

Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder


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Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
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The Rancilio Rocky Doser Model grinder is specifically designed for grinding espresso coffee beans. It's modeled after commercial coffee grinders and is capable of grinding beans into a powder. This is especially important when you are grinding coffee for high-end espresso machines like the Rancilio Silvia or Audrey. The Rocky grinder also works well for most semi-commercial and heavy commercial espresso machines. We regard the Rocky as the best espresso burr grinder on the market under $350.00! It's great for home, office or commercial use.

There are very few grinders on the market today with a stronger, more lasting reputation than the Rancilio Rocky. With its 10-year plus track record, the Rocky grinder has proven itself to be the standard that others try to match when it comes to the home marketplace. The secret to the Rocky is the internals - much of what's inside is pulled directly from Rancilio's commercial grinder lineup, costing sometimes hundreds of dollars more. This is a true espresso aficionado's grinder, and is durable and precise enough that it often does duty in cafes and restaurants as a second, or decaf grinder.

Commercial Grade Grinding Burrs - Take one look at the 50mm burr set (grind wheels) on a Rancilio Rocky and you know they were built for serious business. Tempered, hardened steel, cut to a precise teeth pattern that ensures longevity in wear and accuracy in grind consistency. They are also easily replaceable, should you need to change them.

Convenient Dosing Lever - What You Would Not Expect - The Rocky is meant to be an espresso grinder, and while it can do any grind with ease, it naturally has a doser built in, dishing out roughly 7 grams per click on the doser lever. Nearly all portafilters will fit into the dosing receptacle allowing the Rocky to be used with virtually any espresso machine.

Smart Design Bean Hopper - The Rocky doesn't feature those huge bean hoppers that full blown commercial grinders sport; instead, it features a sensible and low profile 10 ounce capacity hopper, smoke colored to help reduce UV damage to the beans. The Rocky can fit under many kitchen cabinets.

From Turkish to Press Pot and Beyond - The Rocky has an almost infinite number of grind settings - the dial says 40, but it can be rotated beyond that, giving you almost 55 settings. Thanks to the ultra-fine threading that adjusts the grind inside, the Rocky easily adjusts for fine-tuning that perfect espresso shot. Although the Rocky was primarily designed for espresso use, it will easily grind fine enough for Turkish coffee, yet course enough for French Press coffee makers.

Seriously Powerful, Seriously Quiet - The Rancilio Rocky has the best grinder motor available today in a consumer grinder, bar none. The motor comes from Rancilios line of commercial grinders and features whisper quiet operation and serious torque control when grinding beans. This motor will not let you down: there are 10 year old Rockys in homes today that still work as well as the day they were bought.

Safety Mechanism - The motor is equipped with a thermal protection device that will prevent damage to the motor and other components in the event the grinding mechanism becomes jammed or if the motor should begin to overheat from excessive use.

Made In: - Italy

Housing Material: - Stainless steel

Colors: - Brushed stainless steel

Power: - 166 watts - 110 volts

Weight: - 18 pounds

Size: - 4.5"W x 9.5"D x 13.75"H

Warranty: - One year through Aabree Coffee Company.


Environment  Home/ Semi-commercial
Grind Selection  All grinds
Grinding Method  Burr
Burr Type  Flat
Doser  Yes
Dosing Options  7 grams per pull
Doser Compatibility
Portafilter Compatible  Yes
Portafilter Compatibility  All portafilters will fit
On/Off or Time Switch  On/Off Switch
Grind Setting Controls  Stepped
Grind Settings  55
High Volume Bean Hopper  Yes
Bean Hopper Capacity  10.5 oz
Ground Coffee Container  N/A
Doser Capacity  10.5 oz
Clearance Height for Portafilter  3.25"
Built in Tamper  No
Bean Hopper  Smoked Plastic
Ground Coffee Container  Smoked Plastic
Frame  Aluminum
Housing  Stainless Steel
Color  Stainless Steel/Black
Dimensions (H x W x D)  13.75 x 4.5 x 9.5
Weight  18 lbs
Warranty  1 yr
Watts @ 120v  166

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Coffee Temp
1.5 oz grounded (f)  78°
Sound Level
No Beans  61
With Beans  77
Watts @ 120v  166
RPM (Burrs)  1725
Grinding Burrs
Type  Flat Plate
Size  50mm
Material  High Grade Steel
Safety Shut Off
Yes/No  Yes, Thermal Auto Reset
Grinding Control
# of Settings  55
Recalibrate  A little tricky but it can be done

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