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Saeco Exprelia

Saeco Exprelia


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Features Specifications


The Saeco Exprelia designers put a lot of time into developing a list of capabilities they wanted the Exprelia to embody. They interviewed Italian baristas from all over Italy to get to the fundamental and essential secrets of making superb espresso. The list includes:

  • At least 7 grams of high quality coffee beans.
  • Accurate grinding; not too coarse, to permit best moistening, nut not too fine, and with a grinder that doesn’t overheat the grind.
  • Consistent pressing of the ground coffee, to enable careful extraction at 15 bars pressure of all the aromas with the perfect brewing flow.
  • A smooth hazelnut-brown créma, to protect the aromas and let them burst forth at first sip.

They then created the Exprelia and further enhanced it with double boilers, state-of-the-art automatic controls, the Saeco adapting system for grinding, the Saeco brewing system to adjust brewing flow speed, and the Saeco aroma system for pre-infusion.
Then they gave it an interface with the user that makes it a joy to use and maintain. They added an integrated automatic and self-cleaning milk frothing system, and a lighted icons display so the user knows what selections they are making and what the brewing status is at any given time.
In the family of super automatics, the Exprelia is a stand-out performer.

Brewing - The Saeco Exprelia gets the most out of every single bean thanks to the Saeco adapting system. It automatically optimizes the grinding process to continuously guarantee the perfect unfolding of the aroma, regardless of the type of coffee bean used. The SAS manages the long-life ceramic grinder to ensure it never overheats the grinds and creates the perfect texture for great espresso.

Milk Frothing - The external milk container connects to Exprelia and automatically froths milk into your cup. The top portion of the handle swivels to the left to dispense steamed milk directly into your cup during the brew cycle. All you have to do is fill the carafe with milk and select your favorite milk specialty: cappuccino, latte macchiato, or caffé latte.

Controls & Settings - The Exprelia has programmable controls for setting the critical brewing aspects of your favorite coffee beverage. It allows you to program the quantity of coffee to grind, coffee temperature, size of your drink and quantity of milk or water. Then you just push the appropriate button and time after time it delivers the same drink profile.

Water Reservoir - The 1.5 liter removable water reservoir includes an integrated water filter to insure clean pure water for brewing. It is easy to remove and replace the filter as necessary.

Care, Maintenance & Other - Thanks to the Saeco Exprelia automatic cleaning and descaling cycles, you are guaranteed that your machine will produce your favorite beverages day after day. Automatic cleaning and descaling further increases the life expectancy of your machine and lowers your overall cost of ownership.


Housing Material
Housing  Stainless Steel
Brew Group
Material  Plastic
Coffee Controls
Cup Volume Control  yes
Pre-infusion  Yes
Back Pressure Relief Valve  Yes
Temperature Control  Yes
Adjustable Doser  yes
Programmable  Yes
Housing Material  Stainless Steel
Drip Tray  Stainless Steel
Boiler Data
Material  Stainless steel
Wattage  1500
Large Capacity  Yes
Pump Data
Type  Vibration
Maximum Pressure  15
Brewing Pressure  8 to 9 bar
Self Priming Pump  Yes
Grinder Data
# of Grind Settings  Ceramic
Hopper Capacity  10.5 ounces
Control Panel Display
Digital Display  yes
Indicator Lights  yes
Out of Beans  Yes
Out of Water  Yes
Dump Box Full  Yes
Steam Wand Data
Material  Stainless Steel
Max. Steam Pitcher (recommended)  20 ounce
Automatic Frother  Included w/ machine
Material  Plastic (BPA free)
Capacity  54 ounces
Removable  yes
Water Filter  yes
Plumbable  No
Boiler Data
Type of Boiler  Double
Group Data
Number of Groups  1 Group
Auto-Froth Steam Wand
Does this machine have an auto-froth steam wand?  Yes

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