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Saeco Via Venezia Espresso Machine

Saeco Via Venezia Espresso Machine


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What’s not to love about an espresso bar in your kitchen? The Saeco Via Venezia is a compact solution to all of your caffeine deprivation problems. You can brew using pods or ground coffee in its pressurized portafilter, then foam and steam milk for a latte, cappuccino, or macchiato using the Pannarello steam wand. That same wand also doubles as a hot water dispenser, making it easy to enjoy tea, an americano, or instant soup. Best of all, the Via Venezia has a completely simplified touch pad with only 3 buttons, making it easy to operate no matter your skill level. If you’re ready for fresh, great tasting espresso whenever you want it, then you’re ready for the Saeco Via Venezia.

Control Panel - The control panel is simple and easy to operate. On the left are two backlit buttons – the top one is for brewing, and the bottom for steaming. Each has an icon. To the right is the backlit on/off button, and below that the words “Via Venezia”.

Pressurized Portafilter - The pressurized portafilter means that you don’t have to worry as much about tamping pressure and grind size – the portafilter is designed so there’s less room for error. To brew, add pods or ground coffee to the portafilter, tamp gently, and insert the portafilter into the machine. Press the brew button to dispense espresso, and press it again to stop the flow of espresso.

Boiler - The stainless steel boiler draws in water from the 68 oz water reservoir. Impurities in your tap water can cause scale buildup on the boiler and other brewing components, so we recommend descaling about once every 3 months, depending on the hardness of your water.

Pods or Ground? - The pressurized portafilter can be used to brew pods or ground coffee. Place the pod adapter in the portafilter before adding your E.S.E. (Easy Serve Espresso) pod. These pods cut down on time and mess since you don’t have to grind, measure, or tamp out your espresso. However, if you prefer more control over each of your drinks, feel free to use ground coffee.

Cup Warmer - Brewing espresso into a warm cup better preserves its crema. Keep your cups warm and create a great display by storing your cups on the cup warmer located on top of the machine. This cup warmer is heated by radiant heat from the boiler, so when the boiler warms up, so do your cups.

Style - The Via Venezia is compact, so you can use it easily in different kitchens or workstations. At the center of the machine is the brew group, which includes the pressurized portafilter. Your cups rest below the brew group on a metal drip tray. The knob on the left side of the machine releases steam or water from the boiler, depending on what setting the machine is on.

Steam Wand - The steam wand is located to the left of the brew group. Press the steam button, and wait for the steam button and brew button lights to illuminate – this means that the machine is at steaming temperature. Now open the knob located on the left side of the machine to release steam from the Pannarello wand. Now you’re ready to foam and steam milk for lattes, cappuccinos, and more.

Hot Water Dispenser - For even more flexibility, the Pannarello steam wand can also be used to dispense hot water. Press the brew button and wait for the Via Venezia to heat up to brew temperature, then open the steam knob. Hot water will be released from the steam wand, so simply close the knob to stop the flow of water.

Drip Tray and Cover - Your cups rest on a metal drip tray cover, which is easy to remove and clean. The plastic drip tray catches drips and spills to keep your countertops clean, and should be hand washed in warm, soapy water.

Water Reservoir - The 68 oz water reservoir is removable from the side of the machine, or you can leave it in place while you fill it up with cold water. Remember to rinse your water reservoir daily to keep your coffee tasting fresh.

Cleaning - The body of the Via Venezia can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The Pannarello steam wand should be cleaned with a damp cloth after every use to prevent milk residue buildup. The portafilter can be removed and cleaned with hot water. An included scraper should be used to help keep the brew group clean.

Accessories - The Via Venezia includes a ground coffee measuring scoop, ground coffee filter holder, pressurized portafilter, pod filter adapter, pod filter, coffee grounds scraper, detailed instruction manual, and one-year extended warranty.

Made In - Italy

Warranty - 1 year

Dimensions - 12.5”H x 10”W x 12”D

Machine Weight - 9 lbs

Power - 950 watts

Color - Black


Housing Material  Metal
Drip Tray  Plastic
Drip Tray Cover  Metal
Boiler Data
Material  Stainless steel
Large Capacity  Yes
Switches  Push button
Programmable  No
Pre-Infusion  No
Ready Lights  Yes
Thermostats  Manual Reset Thermostat
Burn Out Protection  Thermofuse
Portafilter Data
Type  Pressurized
Filter Baskets Included  Single & double shot

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