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Teaposy Celebrate Gift Set

Teaposy Celebrate Gift Set

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Pamper yourself. The Teaposy Celebrate Gift set comes prepackaged with a graceful hand-blown glass teapot, eight silver needle white blossoming teas, and two herbal tea sachets. Just add hot water and watch as the Teaposy blooms before your eyes! Indulge in the flavorful brew then preserve your blossom in cold water—it can be displayed as a one-of-a-kind centerpiece for up to five days!

Fujian Silver Needle White Tea - Each teaposy contains only the highest quality, single origin Silver Needle Tea leaves, carefully grown, harvested and prepared in the Fujian province of China. Hand-picked at their peak, 80% of Silver Needle Tea is harvested in the spring season, and the other 20% is harvested in the fall to capture the finest flavors and aromas of each leaf.

Hand-made Craftmanship - Dedicated to the art and craft of tea, every step of the Teaposy process is done by hand. After the tea leaves are heated and dried to remove impurities, Teaposy design artists match each individual tea leaf by length, and hand-sew them into bundles with a freshly dried, hand-picked flower. Each arrangement is crafted with care to produce a beautiful tea flower that blooms in boiling water.

Heat-resistant Glassware - Teaposy cups, pots, and warmers are made of borosilicate glass that is temperature resistant, lead-free, and made from 20% recycled materials. This durable glass can handle temperatures of –4o to 300oF.

Naturally Infused with Jasmine - To accent the delicate flavors of the Silver Needle Tea, teaposies are infused with real jasmine- no artificial flavorings or perfumes are used. In order to capture the essence of the jasmine flower, farmers hand-pick each one at their peak blooming time and mix them with the teaposies to allow them to absorb the rich aroma of jasmine.

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