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Teaposy Tea for More Teapot

Teaposy Tea for More Teapot

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Teaposy’s Tea for More Teapot is ideal for those who love to entertain and want to share a Teaposy moment with friends. The Tea for More Teapot has a 48 oz capacity and comes with a traditional bamboo stand, bamboo handle, and a removable glass infuser. The included stand makes the Tea for More Teapot a perfect dining room centerpiece, plus, it means there’s no need to worry about delicate table surfaces. Please note that the bamboo handle will come separately wrapped in the front portion of the teapot’s box, and can be easily attached to your teapot when it arrives.

Borosilicate Glassware - Teaposy cups, pots, and warmers are made of borosilicate glass that is temperature resistant, lead-free, and made from 20% recycled materials. This durable glass can handle temperatures of –4o to 300oF.

Individually Hand-Blown - Every piece of glassware is as unique as every teaposy because they are individually hand-blown. The clarity of Teaposy glassware and straight sides of each pot allow you to sit back and watch your gorgeous teaposy unfold. Plus, you can display the teaposy in cold water for days after brewing.

Loose Tea Infuser - The versatile design of each Teaposy teapot allows you to enjoy both teaposies, as well as your favorite loose tea blend. There’s no need for messy tea balls or separate metal strainers. A built-in glass infuser allows your tea to steep to your desired strength, and then it can be easily filtered and poured into your waiting cup.

Chic Logo - The Teaposy logo appears on the bottom of every teapot saucer, and warmer, mirroring the uncommon beauty of the teaposy itself. The logo’s modern and simple design allows you to mix and match the entire line of glassware, or you can collect all of the pieces for a complete, stylish set to compliment the décor of any home.

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