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Vivace Espresso Sampler

Vivace Espresso Sampler

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Comes with:

  • Vivace Espresso Dolce ($28.49 value)
  • Vivace Espresso Vita ($28.49 value)
24 oz variety
24 oz variety
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Try both of Vivace Espresso’s signature blends, with this sampler pack that includes 12oz of Espresso Dolce and 12oz of Espresso Vita. The Dolce blend is roasted to create a unique floral, chocolaty mixture with a thick, red and gold-toned crema. The Vita offers a very different, caramel accent for a perfect caffe latte or cappuccino. Full-bodied and characterized by their rich, heavy crema, both Vivace Espresso blends create a very pronounced, truly unique flavor to satisfy any espresso connoisseur.

Please Note: This coffee is shipped 3-day air directly from the roaster to ensure freshness, and cannot be shipped internationally.

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