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Keurig B60

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Posted At: Nov 28, 2011 at 3:01 PM
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Get to Know the Keurig B60 Limited Edition: In less than a minute, the Keurig B60 brews the perfect cup of gourmet coffee, utilizing the patented K-Cup system. This single-cup, home-brewing system was designed for use with coffee and tea from roasters like Green Mountain, Gloria Jean's and Bigelow. The B60 also includes a bright blue LCD display and 1-touch menu controls to give you fast access to advanced features like temperature control, auto on/off and more.

Keurig B60 – Quick Look

Carafe Type: N/A

Programmable Brew Time?: No

Cup Capacity: 9.25 oz

Brew Pause?: No

Built-in Grinder?: No

Auto Shut Off?: Yes

Water Filter Capable?: No

Small Pot Option?: N/A

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Best Thing about this machine: Unlike conventional coffee makers, the Keurig B60 brews either a 5.25oz, 7.25oz or 9.25oz cup of coffee extremely quickly. Simply insert the K-Cup into the jaw of the machine, select your size and begin brewing!

Honorable Mention: Because the Keurig B60 uses patented K-Cups, there are more than 100 types of coffee and tea available for use with this home-brewer.

Best Suited For: Coffee enthusiasts looking for an extremely easy to use, single-serving brewer. And because the Keurig B60 only uses K-Cups, every cup of fresh-brewed coffee is undisputedly perfect.

Look and Feel: Guaranteed to class up your home or workplace, the Keurig B60 is constructed of heavy-duty ABS plastic with chrome accents and a blue-lit LCD screen. Its Limited Edition design and easy-to-use push buttons will have you brewing hot coffee in style.

Great Coffee Pairing: The Keurig B60 is designed for use with K-Cups, which are available on our website.

One word that describes this machine: Slick

Want to learn more? Visit the Keurig B60 product detail page for an in depth look at this machine's features.

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