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The Simplicity of Espresso Pods, Nespresso Capsules and K-Cups

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Posted At: Nov 25, 2011 at 5:23 PM
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Pod, K-Cup, & CapsuleIt seems like nowadays everyone is looking for an easier way out – a way to cut some corners and make things more manageable. Industry leaders have caught on to this idea and have developed several espresso machines and coffeemakers that utilize pre-packaged Espresso Pods, Capsules or K-Cups that make the brewing process even more efficient.

Exclusively ESE Approved Pod Machines

An Easy Serving Espresso Pod, commonly referred to as an ESE approved pod is a single-serving pre-packaged espresso pod that has been specifically shaped to fit perfectly inside the chamber of an espresso machine. The amount of coffee, its grind and the degree to which it has been pressed is all specifically defined to ensure a perfect cup of espresso. So all the grinding, dosing and tamping is streamlined! The hassle and mess often associated with a grinder is gone and replaced with a simple pod.

Espresso machines like the FrancisFrancis! X6 Trio and Espressione Grace Auto come with a portafilter that exclusively uses these ESE approved espresso pods. The X6 Trio has a three-position portafilter that allows you to brew a lungo, ristretto or standard shot of espresso, while the Espressione Grace Auto has an attached hinged portafilter. Although these machines have differently designed portafilters, they both have the look and feel of a regular semi-automatic with a chrome plated brass portafilter and stainless steel accents.

Versatile Pod and Ground Espresso Machines

Some machines by Capresso, Espressione, Gaggia, Saeco, FrancisFrancis! and la Pavoni have the ability to brew delicious tasting espresso using either pre-packaged ESE espresso pods or ground coffee. By simply swapping out the included filter baskets or portafilters, you can easily switch back and forth between ground coffee or espresso pods on some machines.

If you enjoy making espresso at home, you may find using espresso pods like Illy a quick and easy way to brew espresso while giving you the taste and consistency you are looking for. While most pods are sold in fairly large quantities, many of them now come individually wrapped in oxygen free, foil sealed packets for extra freshness. Both Lavazza and Espressione Pods are individually sealed.

Lavazza Pods, Illy Pods, & Espressione Pods

Nespresso Capsule Only Machines

Capsule machines are just as convenient as machines that use espresso pods because they too come in single serving portions in two sizes. The entire line of Nespresso machines operates exclusively with Nespresso capsules. Nespresso capsules are available in 12 different types of coffee strengths and characteristics – making brewing a variety of coffees extremely easy. The Nespresso Capsule System creates a precise and tidy brewing experience s ince ground espresso and other brands of pods or capsules cannot be used to make espresso with these machines.

K-Cup Machines

Keurig K-Cup System & K-CupsKeurig, a Dutch company known for single-cup coffee brewers, offers a coffeemaker that brews the perfect cup of gourmet coffee using a K-Cup system. A K-cup is extremely similar to the Nespresso capsule system, however, a K-Cup is unique in its shape. While the end of a Nespresso Capsule is pointed, a K-Cup is flat on the bottom. These single-serving brewing cups are easy to use and dispose of, and come in many varieties of coffee from roasters like Green Mountain, Gloria Jean's, Timothy's and Van Houtte.

While all of these machines not only save time and energy, they also control the consistency and quality of your coffee, so there is no more guesswork! And because these machines are so user friendly anyone can look like an acclaimed barista instantly.

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