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Latte Art Made Easy

Posted By: Aabree Coffee
Posted At: Nov 28, 2011 at 10:17 AM
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Leonardo da Vinci turned a blank canvas into the Mona Lisa. Michelangelo shaped a hunk of marble into the Statue of David. So, how about making your latte into a piece of art? No pressure.

Viewed by coffee lovers as the ultimate finishing touch, latte art has become a source of pride for accomplished baristas, as evidenced by the Millrock Latte Art Competition. Held annually, the contest challenges American baristas to make the best tasting, most aromatic and visually appealing drink. Regarding the competition’s growing popularity, professional barista Chris Deferio says, “Millrock, itself, is getting to be more and more prestigious. It’s gaining in notoriety and is becoming a norm in the lexicon of the coffee professionals.”

Mastering a free pour, required to create works of latte art, is critical creating a creative “signature” to give your beverage that personal touch.  “Latte art is the professional ethos of a barista, like the handshake after the deal is made,” notes Deferio.

To create latte art, you’ll want to have these items handy:

  1. Whole milk
  2. An espresso machine
  3. Frothing thermometer and pitcher
  4. A wide mug
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