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DeLonghi DCM900

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Posted At: Nov 28, 2011 at 1:53 PM
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Get to Know the DeLonghi DCM900: With its double hourglass design, the DCM900 is a sight to behold – but its beauty is far from skin deep. The DCM900 is designed for performance with dual heating elements for better temperature stability, so you can be sure you'll get lots of great-tasting coffee in no time at all.

DeLonghi DCM900 – Quick Look

Carafe Type: Glass

Programmable Brew Time?: No

Cup Capacity: 10

Brew Pause?: Yes

Built-in Grinder?: No

Auto Shut Off?: Yes

Water Filter Capable?: No

Small Pot Option?: No

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Best Thing about this machine: The DCM900's exclusive dual heating system ensures maximum temperature stability by maintaining a constant heat source throughout the entire brewing process. The powerful 1500-watt stainless steel boiler heats your water quickly and, since there is a dedicated heating element for the hot plate, ensures the water is at the perfect temperature for a proper extraction and excellent taste.

Honorable Mention: To maximize your coffee's flavor, the DCM900 features a showerhead brewing system that distributes water evenly through your coffee grounds to ensure every cup of coffee has a smooth, great taste.

Best Suited For: A coffee maker that can brew great coffee in a short amount of time is something everyone can enjoy, but for those who truly appreciate the benefits of temperature stability and a smart design, there is no substitute for the DCM900. Whether you're making morning coffee for just a few people or you're brewing for a group, the speed and flexibility of the DCM900 make it a great pick for coffee lovers of all kinds.

Look and Feel: With a seamless, brushed aluminum body that is fingerprint-resistant, the DCM900 will add charm to any kitchen décor. Plus, the ergonomic, always-cool handle not only feels great, but its artistic style also gives the DCM900 a unique brand of sophistication.

Most Compatible Grinders: Baratza Virtuoso

Great Coffee Pairing: Cafe La Semeuse Classique, Antica Organic Whole Bean, Illy Pre-ground Drip Coffee

One word that describes this machine: Graceful

Want to learn more? Visit the DeLonghi DCM900's product detail page for an in depth look at this machine's features.

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